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AISHK Guest Wifi

7 September 2018 editor 0

From Monday 10 September, we are making some changes to the AISHK Guest Wifi. If you are at school and need to access our Guest Wifi, please approach either 3rd Floor Reception, 8th Floor Reception, 9th Floor Reception, Library or IT Office to get a Guest Wifi Access code. Andy Griffiths | Director of ICT


Year 4 STEAMs ahead

2 June 2017 0

In Year 4, students use digital technologies to develop their processing and production skills, A.K.A. coding. This term, students have started training using Google CS First, a computer science program that develops skills in writing code. The learn how to create an online story of their own imaginings. Students have joined a theme-based club that offers approximately 10 hours worth […Read more]