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Year 4 and 11 Students Learn Plate Tectonics Together

11 March 2015 super_administrator 0

Year 4W and Year 11 Geography students came together to consolidate their learning on plate tectonics last week. For Year 4 this formed part of their “What Lies Beneath Our Feet” unit, where they learned that the earth's crust are made up of tectonic plates. The Year 11 students were charged with the task of teaching the students about how […Read more]


HKMUN 2015 Recap

11 March 2015 super_administrator 0

AISHK sent 10 students from Years 9 to 11 to the 2015 Hong Kong Model United Nations (HKMUN) conference which was held from 27 February to 1 March. Stretching over three days, the students independently prepared for this annual conference and debated with confidence and flair. The AISHK community congratulates Felix Wong, Bryan Tang, Edmund Sze, Wendy Liang, Ronald Au, […Read more]


International Learning Centre Programs Available

11 March 2015 super_administrator 0

The AISHK International Learning Centre (ILC) was established to provide a range of additional educational and learning programs which fall outside the purview of the formal education received at the school. ILC offers programs which focus on teaching new skills that improve students' abilities academically, socially and physically, thus contributing to their overall personal development. It is based at AISHK […Read more]


Saint David's Day

11 March 2015 super_administrator 0

We would like to acknowledge Saint David's Day, the patron saint of Wales, celebrated on 1 March each year. To mark the day, Welsh individuals around the world wear one or both of the national emblems – a daffodil or leek – and celebrate at special concerts and processions. Our school currently has a number of students from Wales, and […Read more]


School Advancement through Effective Marketing and Communications

4 March 2015 super_administrator 0

In today's world, marketing and communications are an essential feature for the advancement of international schools and their parameters, which encompasses publications, community and alumni relations, events and capital fundraising. Whilst the more obvious focus of the School's Development Office is in event and fundraising activites, communications (including publications) continue to play an important role in making sure that our […Read more]