AISHK Parent Association Presents: “The Digital Dilemma – A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Children Safe in the Digital World”

10 October 2019 Jen Ng 0

As part of the school’s commitment to wellbeing, we are continuing to offer parent talks to our community. The aim of these talks is to build positive relationships and strengthen connections across the AISHK community, and to offer practical tools relevant to the landscape of parenting today. Our Term 4 talk is titled: “The Digital Dilemma – A Parent’s Guide […Read more]


Dragon’s Den Seeks Industry Professional Volunteers

8 October 2019 AJ Dyka 0

The Design Department is pleased to announce the dates for AISHK Dragon’s Den 2019, our annual event for Year 12 Product Design students to pitch their product concepts to a panel of industry professionals. This year’s event will run over four days in (18-21) November. Here is a recap of one of our previous Dragon’s Den events. We are currently seeking […Read more]


Year 9 IST Virtual Reality Excursion

27 September 2019 Jen Ng 0

On 12 September, the Year 9 Information Software & Technology (IST) students visited Zero Latency VR to experience an immersive virtual reality (VR) environment. During this excursion, students worked together to rescue a space station from an out-of-control artificial intelligence. Unlike most VR experiences, Zero Latency VR offered the students an opportunity to move around a large, open space without […Read more]


Delegates Attend Annual CDNISMUN Conference

24 September 2019 Jen Ng 0

For the fourth time, AISHK sent a small team of 9 delegates and one Chair to the Canadian International School (CDNIS) to attend their annual conference, CDNISMUN. The three-day conference took place from September 20 to 22. This weekend was actually the first weekend of the Term 3 break, hence the small number of people attending. Despite this our students […Read more]

Sports and ECA

ISSFHK AISHK Mini Meet – Junior and Senior Swimming

20 September 2019 Jen Ng 0

On Wednesday 4 September, AISHK held its first home swim meet of the year, co-hosting with Yew Chung International School (YCIS) and American International School (AIS). Our school swimming pool was packed with competitors and spectators. We managed to get through over 60 exciting races in 2 hours! RCHK, YCIS, AIS DC, KSHK and AISHK swimmers raced against each other […Read more]


Certificate of Appreciation from the Cambodian Children Foundation (HOPE)

20 September 2019 Jen Ng 0

Jacaranda House is pleased to share a Certificate of Appreciation  from Cambodian Children Foundation (HOPE) and the following letter of appreciation. Thank you to all who contributed to the Jacaranda Mufti Day and to this wonderful result for children in need.  “Once again on behalf of the Board of the Hope for Cambodian Children Foundation (HOPE), I would like to thank you […Read more]