Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

3 December 2021 AJ Dyka 0

What a wonderful finale it was to an amazing year with our Year 6 Graduation celebrations yesterday. We are so incredibly proud of our fabulous Year 6 students and I’m sure those of you fortunate enough to be in attendance at the Graduation Assembly will long remember this very special occasion. The video presentations and stories shared provided a snapshot […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 6

19 November 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

The excitement builds as we approach the final few weeks of not just the year but our students’ time in Primary. Where has the year gone? Nevertheless, it’s all hands on deck as we prepare for the many highly-anticipated events ahead over the coming weeks. It was wonderful to see a number of you at last week’s Battle of the […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 4

5 November 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

It is hard to believe that we are fast approaching the half-way point of the term with much still to be accomplished in the remaining weeks of the year. The Year 6 teachers could not be any prouder of the manner in which our wonderful students continue to commit themselves to all aspects of school life, with many such examples […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 2

19 October 2021 AJ Dyka 0

And just like that, we have entered our last term for the year. Excitement, nervousness, concern, joy, every emotion you could possibly imagine is sweeping through the Year 6 hallway. Students have grown a little taller, become a little wiser and blossomed into wonderful people. They are about to embark on an unforgettable journey as they transition from their final […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 8

10 September 2021 Jen N 0

Challenges and adventure left right and centre here in Year 6. What a wonderful few weeks we have had. Last week the Student-Led Conferences allowed for a tremendous celebration of our students’ successes and this week we took our learning outside the classroom to Treasure Island and focused on building connections and re-establishing friendships. Our themes throughout all camp activities […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 6

27 August 2021 Jen N 0

We have just moved through the halfway point in the term and once again there is so much to report on and celebrate! The diversity and standard of the work produced by the students in Year 6 continues to amaze as they strive to try new things and push themselves beyond their comfort zones. Book Week This week was the […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 4

13 August 2021 Jen N 0

The wheel never stops! So much to do and see here at AISHK. One of our stand out events this week has definitely been our Eucatah Mufti Day. Our entire school community took part in raising money for our chosen House charities, the Child Welfare Scheme Nepal (Waratah) and the Christina Noble Foundation (Eucalypt). Students enjoyed food, activities and dressing […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 3 Week 2

30 July 2021 Jen N 0

So much has taken place in the past two weeks, the holidays feel like a distant memory. Nonetheless what an incredible two weeks it has been! Teachers across the school have been beaming with pride and positivity about our students with their approach to Peer Support this week and the “Great Debate” early last week. We have many engaging learning […Read more]