Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

17 June 2019 Edmund Sze 0

We would like to thank all of the parents that came in to our classrooms during the Student Led Conference day this past Tuesday. It was wonderful to sit back and watch your children take ownership of their learning and proudly talk about their classroom and shared learning environment. The SMART goals that were negotiated between you and your child […Read more]

Year 5 News

Year 5 Newletter – Term 2 Week 6

1 June 2019 Brigitte McNamara 0

English In English, we will begin presenting speeches based on our persuasive writing pieces we have completed in class. These will be prepared both in class and at home as part of the week 7 Homework. You will see your sons and daughter’s presentations on SeeSaw, stay tuned! Year 5 students have been focusing on reading for pleasure, specifically choosing […Read more]

Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter – Term 2 Week 4

17 May 2019 Edmund Sze 0

English During the past 2 weeks, the Year 5 students have continued to hone their persuasive writing skills. We have looked at the use of emotive language and how to brainstorm our ideas and select our strongest arguments. Students have been reading each other’s writing and breaking down their own writing using 2 acronyms, WWW (What Went Well) and EBI […Read more]

Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter – Term 2 Week 2

9 May 2019 Edmund Sze 0

English This term, in English we are inquiring into persuasive writing. We are learning how to use emotive words to enhance our writing to persuade. We will be reading and analysing our classmates’ persuasive texts and also viewing commercials to see how we can be persuaded through media. Maths We are learning about fractions, patterns and general rules, perimeter of […Read more]

Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter, Term 1 Week 10

3 April 2019 Edmund Sze 0

Year 5 Newsletter Edition 5 Dear Parents, Wishing you all a wonderful and safe holiday. All the students have worked so hard throughout their first term in Year 5 and they have earnt their break. We will be farewelling Thomas Ambrens-Barnes who is relocating with his family back to Australia and will be welcoming two new students into Year 5 […Read more]

Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter Edition 4

25 March 2019 Edmund Sze 0

Dear Parents, Welcome to the 4th edition of the Year 5 Newsletter. We are sure that this edition finds you both happy and relieved that your child survived camp. It was such a wonderful experience and the students will have many memories for years to come. We thank you for giving your child the opportunity to participate in this priceless […Read more]

Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter Edition 2 Term 1

21 February 2019 Edmund Sze 0

Dear Parents, Welcome to the 2nd edition of our fortnightly newsletter. The students have applied themselves well after the CNY break and it was wonderful to hear stories of their holidays.  In The Classroom ENGLISH: As part of our writing program, ‘Seven Steps to Writing’, the students have been understanding the importance of text structure and how to engage the […Read more]

Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter Term 1 Week 2

31 January 2019 Edmund Sze 0

Welcome to the first edition of our Year 5 Newsletter for 2019. We have been ever so impressed with the students’ resilience and responsibility since starting back to school. They have been involved in both individual class and House Group activities which have allowed them to connect as a whole cohort. These experiences have seen our new Year Fives off […Read more]