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Year 1 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 10

24 June 2022 AJ Dyka 0

The end of our first full Term at school. It cannot be stressed enough how much we have enjoyed being in our classrooms. The walls are covered in visual thinking, arts and crafts phonics words we have studied and mathematics concepts taught. We are looking ahead to the next term with excitement as we hope to explore narrative writing, chemistry […Read more]

Year 1 News

Year 1 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 8

10 June 2022 AJ Dyka 0

What a week! School photos, our second Peer Support session and not to mention a five day week! Year One students have been working with Hong Kong coins, thinking about what makes the perfect habitat for mealworms in Science as well as commencing our new writing unit on Procedure. The Year One teachers have so enjoyed reading the persuasive letters […Read more]

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Year 1 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 6

26 May 2022 AJ Dyka 0

An awesome fortnight in Year One with our incursion where we got up-close-and-personal with some exotic wildlife, the Wattle and Jaccaranda mufti-day and some very persuasive letters recieved and written. Seeing our school mascot, Bookabarra, was possibly the biggest highlight for our amazing students last week when he made an appearance during Mufti-day events. As the sun has finally started […Read more]

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Year 1 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 4

12 May 2022 AJ Dyka 0

What a fantastic couple of weeks in Year 1 as students organised their Mother’s Day tributes, persuaded us to let them stay up late and began collecting data through their own survey questions. Students have been young Entomologists as we introduced our Science investigation on Mealworms and are gearing up for the incursion from Jurassic Garage! We also have our […Read more]

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Year 1 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 2

29 April 2022 AJ Dyka 0

Students have now completed their first full week on campus and should be congratulated for their excellent behaviour. We have been so impressed with the maturity shown by our wonderful students as we established classroom norms, routines and expectations. This week our students watched the live stream of the ANZAC day service and created their own poppies. They had their […Read more]

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Year 1 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

3 December 2021 AJ Dyka 0

A little bit of Christmas magic was certainly sprinkled through the Auditorium on Wednesday with the Year 1 performances of ‘The Elves Impersonator’. After months and months of practice and the superior guidance of Ms Jaimie Ashton, our Year One students danced and sang their little hearts out! Each performer spoke their lines with confidence, articulation, projection and animation and […Read more]

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Year 1 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 6

19 November 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

This will be our penultimate Dhanara article for the year! It’s certainly been a busy time with our swimming program  to conclude next week.  The students have loved being in the water and of course, swimming is an incredibly important life skill.  With the generous support of our parent volunteers, our Geography excursion was a successful trip and has given […Read more]

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Year 1 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 4

5 November 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

Another eventful two weeks in Year 1! The Year 1 teachers were so proud of the classes for their impressive effort, energy and enthusiasm in their very first assembly! The students shared their learning from our Chemical Science unit about materials and their properties. Each speaker spoke with confidence, which can be pretty scary in front of so many people! […Read more]