Year 4 News

Year 4 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

4 December 2020 Jen N 0

English Christmas is in the air!  In line with our writing for different contexts, all Year 4 classes have been doing some sort of written Christmas activity, once again, aware of the audience and the type of writing, vocabulary and sentence structure that would be appropriate.  Not to mention having a lot of fun and seasonal festivity along the way!   […Read more]

Year 2 News

Year 2 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

27 November 2020 Brigitte McNamara 0

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of the school year for 2020. This week, our Year 2 students have returned to the routines of online learning with a positive attitude and the impressive resilience that they have shown throughout the year. They have continued the excellent work they have done in class and begun new […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

27 November 2020 Jen N 0

Week 10 has come to an end. No doubt one of our most eventful weeks this year. Incursions up to the Secondary Science Laboratories to create a battery out of a lemon (yes it does work!), Orientation into Year 7 and our Graduation Celebration to mark a very special milestone for our Year 6 students. The events kept coming and […Read more]

Preparatory News

Prep Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

27 November 2020 Brigitte McNamara 0

The time has come for our very last Prep newsletter. Can you believe the children have nearly finished their first year of school? Despite the fact that the students have had to adjust to online learning, we have been so impressed with the way they have adapted and maintained their focus as their learning continues at home. While we have […Read more]

Year 3 News

Year 3 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

27 November 2020 Jen N 0

We hope you enjoy reading what we have been learning in Year 3. It also has questions and activity suggestions that you can use to prompt your child about their learning. It is packed full of important information about upcoming events. Camp Wow! What a fun 3 days we had at camp last week! The teachers were all so impressed […Read more]

Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

25 November 2020 Jen N 0

English Students have been writing more of their own poetry. They have been using language features such as repetition to create some imaginative creations. Students are consolidating their handwriting with clearly-formed joined letters and developing an increased fluency. We are also revising reading strategies such as rereading the text, decoding and skimming during various reading activities. Ask your child about their […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

13 November 2020 Brigitte McNamara 0

Australian Stories There can be no doubt that we are truly ready for one of our big events of Year 6. Australian Stories! The Year 6 teachers continue to be impressed with the research, creativity, innovation, wealth of Information Computer Technology skills, energy and perseverance that is being shown as these exhibitions come to life. This is not to mention […Read more]