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Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 6

19 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

School Fair Yes, it was a fantastic day – the weather held, and it was neither too hot nor too cold.  Thanks to huge amounts of planning by the Parents Association, our class reps, parents who helped before, during and after the event and students who also put in such an effort for their school.  I have to say that […Read more]

Year 1 News

Year 1 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 6

16 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Firstly, we would like to thank all our dedicated Year One parents for their help and assistance with our school fair and our Year One stalls.  Both the “Over the Rainbow Hair Salon” and “Friendship Bracelet” stalls were a huge success made possible by our many parent helpers.  We hope you all enjoyed the day! Literacy What types of punctuation […Read more]

Preparatory News

Preparatory Newsletter, Term 4 Week 6

16 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

More than half way into Term 4, we are on a roll here in Prep. The children are focussed and have been showing some of their incredible learning and understanding as the end draws nearer. Our Learning In Literacy, Prep have continued their focus on re-telling stories, however, we are now moving from written to verbal. The students are learning […Read more]

Year 4 News

Year 4 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 6

15 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Term Four Happenings If you missed the Year Four multimedia exhibit at the School Fair on Saturday then please click here to some photos. Enjoy! In Mathematics, students continue to work through the iMath investigations. They have just completed an investigation called ‘Aussie Adventures’ where they had to map out an adventure to visit some famous landmarks in Australia. Students […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 5

9 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Week 5 We are now at the halfway point of Term 4 and our Year Six students have already enjoyed so many memorable experiences. Now fully settled back in to school life after our wonderful trip to Beijing, we have already begun to think about upcoming events, starting with our ‘Yellow Brick Roadside Diner’ at the school fair tomorrow. As […Read more]

School Wide

Musical Futures at AISHK

6 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Last weekend AISHK hosted 25 music teachers for professional learning with Musical Futures International. Throughout the weekend, the teachers who were visiting Hong Kong from all across SE Asia, were impressed by the facilities at AISHK as well as the good natured and welcoming spirit of both our children and staff. Musical Futures is a teaching pedagogy that puts the […Read more]

Year 5 News

Year 5 Newsletter, Term 4 Week 4

5 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Literacy We have been spending time on beautiful language this term.  Students have shown such great clarity around alliteration, clauses, onomatopoeia, antonyms, synonyms and homophones, as well as increased skill in editing.  Classes are doing a variety of activities with figurative language, including writing text for a book with only illustrations, and poetry writing.  It has been fun to share […Read more]

Preparatory News

Preparatory Newsletter, Term 4 Week 4

2 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Term four is speeding by and the Prep children are really starting to consolidate their learning from the year. They are becoming more mature and preparing themselves for the leap into Year One. It is such an exciting time of year with so many events happening. Please see key dates coming up and note them in your diary. Details will […Read more]