Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Between Art and Chinese Teachers

3 September 2021 Jen N 0

This term the Primary Chinese department and the Primary Visual Arts department initiated a cross-disciplinary project for the student to learn more about paper making. In Chinese the students learnt about the history of paper and about the inventor, Cai Lun. As part of the culture experience, the students wrote on ‘bamboo strips’ (paddle pop sticks) to see what it […Read more]

Sports and ECA

AISHK Swim Team Have a Successful Month

12 October 2018 editor 0

Firstly, in September, AISHK held their first home swim meet of the year. We had 7 schools participate in the both Junior and Senior home meet this year, plus we were lucky to have Speedo sponsor the meet. This meant that all AISHK team swimmers got a Speedo sponsored team shirt, which made all the students proud. With our school […Read more]

School Wide

[Head of School Message] AISMUN

1 June 2018 Brigitte McNamara 0

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of attending the AISMUN event here at AISHK and was I blown away by the whole event. I was so impressed by the organisation of the event, the intellectual level of the discussions and the debates, the maturity, confidence and commitment of the delegates and the general engagement of everyone present. Our secondary […Read more]


Year 11 Students Bust Myths for IB Project

18 May 2018 Brigitte McNamara 0

In Term 2, Year 11 IB students gathered together for the Group 4 Project. Students from each of the Group 4 subjects: Biology, Chemistry, DT, and Physics came together to ‘Myth Bust’ a TV show or film of their choice. This year we have seen students investigate the science of ‘Black Panther’, busting the myth that flowering plants could grow in […Read more]


SEAMS of a New Era 2016

23 June 2016 super_administrator 0

Saturday night saw the return of SEAMS – the annual fashion design show run in support of the Christina Nobel Children’s Foundation. SEAMS is a student-run project; AISHK students produce, organise and manage the event. The majority of the designers and models are students as well. This year SEAMS showcased 53 AISHK student designs and had a team of over […Read more]


The Sound of Music

10 June 2016 super_administrator 0

The auditorium certainly came alive with the Sound of Music last week. This year’s school production marks the culmination of hard work for over 150 students from Year 5 through to Year 12, including actors, singers, musicians, costume and set design students. The success of the performance over the course of four days was the result of a tremendous effort […Read more]