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U/14 ISSFHK Silver Division Soccer Season

15 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

This year we enter two boys’ teams and one girls’ team into this tournament. The season is relatively rushed for us as our holidays do not coincide with other international schools within Hong Kong, meaning that at times, we were required to play 2-3 games a week which tested the students out. The boy’s Division 2 team played their pool […Read more]

Sports and ECA

Undefeated Mixed Touch Rugby Team Taking the Title!

9 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Kings Park, Hong Kong was the venue for an extraordinary event where our U20 Mixed Touch Rugby team played two days of gruelling competition to emerge undefeated and win the ACAMIS Invitational U20 Mixed Touch Rugby competition. Led by Captain Ethan Briscoe and Coaches Mr Reed and Mr Sheahan, the team of boys and girls played at an exceptional level […Read more]

Sports and ECA

AISHK Volleyballers Reaching New Heights in Shanghai

7 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

It was the first event of the new ACAMIS season and 15 of our highly skilled and passionate Under 20 volleyballers were competing against some exceptional competition in Shanghai. Under the guidance of Ms Knight and Ms Sitthitheerarat, our boys’ and girls’ teams won the hearts and minds of the competition by playing a unique and aggressive style of volleyball […Read more]

Sports and ECA

Success at the recent SDRC Soccer Tournament

29 October 2018 AJ Dyka 0

On Thursday 18th October, 24 eager and keen students boarded the bus to head to QSI school in Shenzhen, China for three intense days of soccer. On the first day both the boys and girls played two games each with the girls winning both and the boys winning one and losing the other. After a long day the students went […Read more]

Sports and ECA

AISHK Primary Students Dominating Hong Kong AFL

16 October 2018 aaronstadlinrobbie 0

On a glorious Friday at Hong Kong University, our 26 Primary AFL selected students participated for the first time in the ESF AFL Cup. We entered three teams in both the A and B divisions. The most players of any school. In the A division, under the coaching of Mr Price, the team came an excellent 2nd place. This was […Read more]

Sports and ECA

AISHK Swim Team Have a Successful Month

12 October 2018 aaronstadlinrobbie 0

Firstly, in September, AISHK held their first home swim meet of the year. We had 7 schools participate in the both Junior and Senior home meet this year, plus we were lucky to have Speedo sponsor the meet. This meant that all AISHK team swimmers got a Speedo sponsored team shirt, which made all the students proud. With our school […Read more]

Sports and ECA

U/12 ISSFHK Girls Soccer Season Report

19 June 2018 Brigitte McNamara 0

This semester, 10 girls from year 4 to year 7 participated in the U12 ISSFHK girls’ soccer season for the year.  We all met for our first game in term 1 and we were nervous as there were many new faces. For some of them it was their first real competitive game for AISHK. Despite this, our players walked onto […Read more]