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1 March 2019 Edmund Sze 0

Homework Help: Homework Help begins next Monday in room 619 from 2:35-3:30. There will be a teacher present and two members of the Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC).  It is the perfect opportunity for Year 7s to complete their homework early or make progress on one of their assignments. Homework help is a general homework group available to all students in […Read more]

Year 7 News

Year 7 News – Week 3 Term 1

15 February 2019 Edmund Sze 0

Study Skills: On Friday in week 3, we held a study skills session with all of Year 7 in which we went through the S&S.  Each student was presented with two copies of this document and they have clearly identified which assessment relates to them.  One copy of this is folded and has been placed on the inside cover of […Read more]

Year 7 News

Welcome to Year 7!

25 January 2019 Edmund Sze 0

Settling In Year 7s have hit the ground running this week with the start of life in secondary school.  They are adapting well to the new times and routines, the variety of subjects, the different teachers, and changing of classrooms every 55 minutes. Paper Cups On Wednesday, Year 7s went Paper Cup Crazy in school whilst taking part in team […Read more]

Year 7 News

Sustainability in Action With Year 7 Design

2 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

The Year 7 classes have been busy making flatpack products for sale at the school fair.  As with any production process there are materials being used and waste being created. In order to figure out ways to minimise waste, we are using Design Thinking and problem solving skills to develop strategies and systems to minimise our output of waste. We […Read more]

Year 7 News

Something About Me – Story Box

15 June 2018 Brigitte McNamara 0

Year 7 students have continued to explore self-identity by generating an art work that encapsulates Something About Me in a cardboard story Box. Students are working collaboratively to construct a cardboard box into sculptural piece that reflects their outer and inner personality. The outside of the box represents the student’s personality while the inside of the box addresses the student’s […Read more]