Year 9 News

Welcome to Year 9!

22 January 2019 Brigitte McNamara 0

The beginning of the school year is a time for welcoming many things. We welcome new students and their families, New Year’s resolutions to achieve personal goals, new staff, and new beginnings. In Year 9 this year, we have a number of ‘welcomes’ to make… Firstly, a warm welcome to our new students and their families. This term we have […Read more]


Merit and Head of School Awards

13 December 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Best wishes for the holiday season. May all students and their families have a restful, relaxing and invigorating time. The Merit and Head of School Awards listed below were distributed on the final day of school to many deserving students. Merit Awards First Name Surname Yr Willow Butler 7E Andrew Chu 7E Amelia Lai 7E Isabella Lai 7E Jesse Mansbridge […Read more]


Mathematics Then and Now: Secondary Mathematics Seminar for Parents

10 December 2018 Brigitte McNamara 0

Secondary Parents are invited to come along to find out about how we teach Mathematics in 2019. Have there been many changes since you were students? Date: Tuesday 12 February, 2019 Venue: AISHK Auditorium, 2/F Time: 8:00am – 9:00am Please RSVP via the following Registration Form by 1 February, 2019 Robyn Gregory | Head of Mathematics (Years 7 – 12)


Duct Tape Challenge Preview

6 December 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Design challenges are always a good way to end the school year. They’re fun, spark creativity, and engage students in team work. This year, Product Design students in Years 8 and 9 are partaking in a Duct Tape Challenge. The brief is to create 3 “wearables” solely out of duct tape that fit a common theme. After the items are […Read more]


[Student Report] Silver AYP Hiking Expedition

5 December 2018 AJ Dyka 0

Over the past 2 weekends, a group of Year 10 students embarked on challenging Silver AYP hiking expeditions. The main difference with Bronze and Silver AYP is that Silver required more independent navigation and less assistance from staff. While most Year 9’s would gawk at the idea of another AYP hike, the 14 of us decided that this would be […Read more]


[Student Report] 2018 Science Fair

30 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

During the past few months, students of Year 8 have been working on the Science Fair. Students were paired up and had to choose an interesting investigation topic, conduct an experiment, and write a scientific report based on the results with a hypothesis and method. Next, the information and observations were presented on a board. On November 13th, these boards […Read more]


Year 7 Transition

30 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

The Year 6 to 7 Transition Day was held on Wednesday 28th of November. Students had the opportunity to get a taste of secondary school life by meeting their Year 7 home room teacher, receive guidance from AISHK school prefects, attend the secondary assembly, and participate in a variety of secondary school lessons.  For many, the secondary classes were the […Read more]


Planning to study Law in the future?

29 November 2018 AJ Dyka 0

The Hong Kong University is running a taster Law session on Saturday 8 December. It will give students an idea of what it is like to study Law. To register: For further information, please speak with Ms Crawford.   Feona Crawford | Head of Careers