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AISHK Official School Photos

22 March 2019 Edmund Sze 0

AISHK class, individual and group photographs are scheduled to take place from Monday 25 March through to Friday 29 March in the Auditorium. Please see the schedule below for your child’s class/group photos. Uniform Requirements Students are required to be dressed in our formal school uniform for these sessions, which includes wearing their blazer and tie and long pants for boys and […Read more]

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Secondary Activity Week Update

20 March 2019 Brigitte McNamara 0

The secondary students have been busy on activity courses since the first departures last Saturday evening, and we have had interim progress reports from all groups which celebrate the students’ sense of fun and engagement. Our groups have ranged wide, as they spread around Hong Kong, through Sai Kung, Lantau, Clearwater Bay, Kowloon and Wan Chai, in the case of […Read more]

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Follow Us Online: Photo and Video Recaps

15 March 2019 Brigitte McNamara 0

With such a dynamic calendar of events at AISHK which are a source of pride for our students, staff and parents, AISHK runs a number of official social media accounts. In addition to Dhanara, you can view images of AISHK activities, event recaps and videos on the following platforms Facebook  | Australian International School Hong Kong Instagram | ais_hk LinkedIn  | Australian International […Read more]

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Release of AISHK Pathways: Tertiary Education and Academic Report

15 March 2019 Edmund Sze 0

Further to our previous report in Dhanara announcing our students’ HSC and IB results, we are pleased to release the latest issue of “Pathways” – a visual summary highlighting the outstanding academic results of our Class of 2018. We are delighted to share a digital copy of this publication with our wider community. View Pathways by clicking here or via Issuu […Read more]

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Bullying. No Way!

14 March 2019 Edmund Sze 0

At AISHK we aim to create a safe and supportive school community for everyone. Schools across Australia have been called to get involved and take action on the ninth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) on Friday 15 March 2019. This is the first year AISHK has taken part in this nationwide initiative and students and staff […Read more]

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Annual Review – 2018

1 March 2019 Edmund Sze 0

AISHK is pleased to present the 2018 Annual Review – a reflection of our school’s strategy for managing services in order to achieve excellence in education. We hope you enjoy reading this publication and showcase of the successes and triumphs of the AISHK and its community. For past issues, please click here.

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Coaching for Success

28 February 2019 Edmund Sze 0

On the weekend of 23-24 February, we were fortunate to welcome Mr Jason Pascoe to AISHK to work with 27 of our Executive staff, Heads of Year and Heads of Department across Reception to Year 12. Jason is a director at Growth Coaching International, an Australian-based organisation which aims to share impactful, research-informed and practical coaching skills for personal, professional […Read more]

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Social Media in Our Community

15 February 2019 Edmund Sze 0

Social Media by AISHK AISHK manages official accounts which including AISHK Facebook, AISHK Alumni Facebook, AISHK Instagram and AISHK Sports Instagram. The purpose of the AISHK social media channels is to engage with our community and share the myriad of achievements, news and events of our school, including Alumni. Any content uploaded to these channels is conducted via the Development […Read more]