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[Parent Association] Father’s Month & Photo Submission

28 May 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

2021 Father’s Month Father’s Day, celebrated in Hong Kong on 20 June, is just around the corner! It’s our AISHK dads’ turn to for a chance to enjoy some great food and wonderful company! Hot on the heels of the very successful Mother’s Month series at the same venue in May, Father’s Month is a great chance to catch up […Read more]

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[Parent Association] Mother’s Day Message

7 May 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

Ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we acknowledge all the wonderful mothers, grandmothers and mother-like figures in our community. At all times, but especially through recent challenging times, the support of  mother-figures plays a very significant role in many of our lives and is to be cherished, appreciated and celebrated! Thank you to all who attended and supported the Mother’s Day […Read more]

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[Parent Association] End of Term Message and Update

26 March 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

Parent Association Update The Parent Association would like to thank everyone in our school community for your participation and continued support in challenging times. Our  camaraderie is important in shaping and maintaining the values of our school. As a bridge between staff, families and students, the PA continues to plan creative ways to connect and to express the team spirit […Read more]

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[Parent Association] Week 7 Update

5 March 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

Parent Association Update The PA expresses its gratitude to all our school teachers, staff and parents for all support as we continue with the blend of on-campus and online learning. We continue to communicate an overview of possible activities for our school community, provided they adhere to the government guidelines. We will keep you posted in the coming weeks – […Read more]