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[Head of School] Term 4 Week 1 Message

15 October 2021 AJ Dyka 0

We have had excellent but limited days in our first week of school. Our students have certainly been happy to be back in class and reconnecting with friends. They can also look forward to less interruptions and more time for learning activities in the days ahead. With the weather looking clearer for next week, Years 3 and 4 will be […Read more]

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[Head of School] End of Term 3 Message

24 September 2021 Jen N 0

A hearty congratulations to all our students for a term’s work well done. They have smiled and shared as they worked their way though their tasks and events which have brought much success this term. The teachers feel a great sense of pride in what our young people have accomplished. My thanks and gratitude go to the teachers for their […Read more]

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[Head of School] Term 3 Week 9 Message

17 September 2021 Jen N 0

Congratulations to all students and staff on the completion of camps during this week and last. Across Years 5, 6, 7 and 8 there have been challenging endeavours and excellent achievements for all students. Some have had to stretch out of their ‘comfort zone’ and there was much opportunity for learning in that process. The weather also provided challenges as […Read more]

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[Head of School] Term 3 Week 6 Message

27 August 2021 Brigitte McNamara 0

What a colourful, creative and crayon dominated success was our Book Week parade and student assemblies. Despite the wet weather it was a great parade for primary students, and the secondary students completed a parade in the gym prior to their lunch break. Congratulations to all families on their able support of the students and their creative approach to costumes […Read more]

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[Head of School] Term 3 Week 4 Message

13 August 2021 Jen N 0

Congratulations to all students and teachers on the success of our ‘EucaTah’ Mufti Day on Wednesday and thank you to parents for their eager support. We all had a great deal of fun and there was a very warm, celebratory feeling as students engaged in the activities. It was great to see the senior students leading and coaching the younger […Read more]

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[Head of School] Term 3 Week 3 Message

6 August 2021 Jen N 0

What a great week it has been – we have enjoyed the availability of activities as well as continuing classroom learning. Well done to all involved for the organisation and planning of the activity program and making it operational. My written advice earlier this week about the very high rate of staff vaccination and the statistically significant rate of student […Read more]

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[Head of School] Term 3 Week 1 Message

23 July 2021 Jen N 0

It has been a happy start to our school term with smiles and friendly greetings outshining the gloomy and wet weather which started the week. There was much catching up from the holiday to be had and the students are maxing out that opportunity. I hope your family time was rewarding but it’s very comforting to be back into solid […Read more]

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[Head of School] Term 2 Week 9 Message

11 June 2021 Jen N 0

We happily report that this week’s busy routines included highlights such as the Peer Support leadership training for Year 6. I had opportunity to welcome them to their morning of activities and I could see the Year 6s were raring to get into their training tasks. They were well prepared and led by their teachers Ms Clarke, Ms Spencer, Ms […Read more]