Sports and ECA

The Mini and Junior Duke Award 2021

4 December 2020 Jen N 0

In the frenetic world we live in here in HK, it is hard to give our children the ‘full range’ of opportunities to develop the core skills needed to flourish in life. Introducing The Mini & Junior Duke Award, the award that gives children the time and space to develop their skills of independence, resilience, enquiry, organisation, and self-motivation through […Read more]


Primary Leadership Positions for 2021

4 December 2020 Jen N 0

We acknowledge the courage it takes to apply for a leadership position and we congratulate all those who demonstrated great initiative and school spirit. The effort that went into the applications, rehearsing, and delivering their election video was outstanding. Those that missed out for the Head Boy/Girl and House Captain positions will have the opportunity to apply for the following […Read more]

Year 4 News

Year 4 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

4 December 2020 Jen N 0

English Christmas is in the air!  In line with our writing for different contexts, all Year 4 classes have been doing some sort of written Christmas activity, once again, aware of the audience and the type of writing, vocabulary and sentence structure that would be appropriate.  Not to mention having a lot of fun and seasonal festivity along the way!   […Read more]


Year 10 Futures Week

3 December 2020 Jen N 0

As part of the Futures Week, all Year 10 students were given the chance to research and apply for a real world job and have their transferable skills assessed in a group interview. They then received individualised feedback from a teacher (in the guise of the employer) and were able to reflect on their performance. This was intended to be […Read more]

School Wide

AISHK 25th Anniversary Throwback: Yearbook

27 November 2020 Jen N 0

A school’s yearbook is a timeless yearly publication which captures people, student work, achievements and events from the year. But more than that, yearbooks colorfully highlight change, growth, friendships, community, challenge, adventure, creativity, competition, hard work, discovery and so much more. As you will see from our gallery below, our Yearbook has evolved over the years, however, each and every […Read more]

Year 6 News

Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

27 November 2020 Jen N 0

Week 10 has come to an end. No doubt one of our most eventful weeks this year. Incursions up to the Secondary Science Laboratories to create a battery out of a lemon (yes it does work!), Orientation into Year 7 and our Graduation Celebration to mark a very special milestone for our Year 6 students. The events kept coming and […Read more]


Year 7 Orientation Day

27 November 2020 Jen N 0

On Wednesday 25 November, the Secondary school was delighted to warmly welcome the current Year 6 students for Orientation Day. This was a very special day for the Year 6 students as they had the opportunity to be given a taste of Secondary life and to understand various aspects of Secondary school. This important day is also an essential milestone […Read more]