“An Evening Below the Lion Rock” Concert

We are very excited to present to the school community our showcase extravaganza concert, “An Evening Below the Lion Rock” on Friday 9 June, 7:00pm in our school auditorium.

The concert will feature a wide range of Performing Arts musicians and actors with music that builds bridges between the Eastern and Western cultures.

Our concert will celebrate the diversity of styles from Australian and Chinese folk music, featuring some traditional instruments, such as our Chinese Drumming Troupe as well as the Pi-Pa and Gu-zhen and other instruments . Our school ensembles will join together with musical fantasies featuring some very well known melodies and a variety of instrumentalists will share their talents in solo performance repertoire.

We are also very excited to welcome the Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir as invited guests this year. This well established Hong Kong choir will bring a balance of old and new with a very special Welsh sound men’s choir sound, but you will also hear them performing the Bohemian Rhapsody with one of our very own Year 8 Rock Bands. A treat not to be missed!

One other significant piece to mark this concert will be a performance of the Canto-pop song “Below the Lion Rock” composed by Joseph Koo. Joseph Koo sadly passed away at the start of this year and this song is very representative of the can-do spirit of the Hong Kong people. It also marks AISHK’s very own special place geographically  “Below the Lion Rock”. The piece will be performed by all of our participating performers including our orchestra and choirs. This will be around about 100 musicians, alongside the Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice choir for what I think will be a glorious finale.

AISHK families are welcome to attend. You may reserve your place through Eventbrite, here.  Admission will be free but we will be taking donations for Hong Kong Next Generation Arts (HKGNA) “Music Heals” programme – a very worthy Hong Kong musical charity.

Hong Kong Generation Next Arts Limited(HKGNA) is a registered charity founded in 2009. HKGNA’s Mission is to inspire and nurture artistic excellence and personal success in our next generation of young artists and transform lives through music.

To achieve our mission, we pursue the following goals:

  • To create exciting opportunities for talented young artists to perform in world’s most prestigious concert halls.
  • To provide gifted young musicians with an opportunity to study with world class artists from all over the world in HKGNA Music Festivals.
  • To develop and promote excellence in the performing arts in Hong Kong and provide audiences with classical music of the highest standards.
  • To establish an HKGNA fellowship and mentorship program dedicated to developing and improving the lives of young people.
  • To design and offer other music and educational programs for disadvantaged and underprivileged youth to nurture their creative talent and empower them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

“Music Heals!” is a program that was initiated by the HKGNA in 2015, offering free music therapy workshops and events in Hong Kong. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they launched a series of online and offline workshops with different topics through “Music Heals!” in 2020 and 2021, such as autism, ADHD, dementia, depression and hospice care to global audience with renowned guest speakers, educators, and music therapists from around the world.

The program aims to raise public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and promote unity and love for music globally

Our own AISHK string ensemble and Secondary vocal ensemble performed for HKGNA in 2021.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 9 June, 7:00pm at the 2/F Auditorium for what promises to be a spectacular event.

Peter Stapleton | Head of Performing Arts