Year 7s Enjoy Experiential Learning on Camp!

Our Year 7s have spent this week paddling, hiking, zip lining, scrambling, building, grilling, toasting and snorkelling around Sai Kung West Country Park. The Year 7 camp is a time to connect. We see old friends join with new as part of the AISHK community, and grow as a cohort and as young people.

Throughout the week students participated in small groups of 10-12 with a designated DragonFly leader and AISHK staff member. Every day was scheduled from dawn to 9pm with activities, reflections, indoor, outdoor and active adventures. Fortunately, I was able to join groups for some days and nights and was delighted to hear student reflections include words like unity, connection and friendship. There was also quite a few mentions of uphill and exhausted!
Year 7s showed tenacity as they pushed past their uncertainty in new surroundings, with different beds, pillows and routines to home. They gave up their phones on day 1 and survived 4 whole nights without Snapchat or Tik Tok! They welcomed all guests and guides with warmth that has become synonymous with AISHK. Smiles and laughter abounded, even when the challenge may have stretched them past their limit. If you are looking for a conversation with them, you can ask them about the riddle started at the commencement of the week, The Land of Non, the chilly water, the height of the mountain, the key ingredients to smores, the potato chips and fried chicken!

On behalf of the AISHK parents and students we genuinely appreciate the Year 7 teachers who joined in every hike, paddle, swim and challenge. Stuart McRae, Chris McCorkell, Vindy Ho, Mia Xu, Tim Tait, Kath Ellis, Bernadette Spencer and Julie Howard who captured endless pictures of our Year 7s enjoying themselves. Finally, thank you to Mr James Cunningham who led these teachers in a well organised adventure week.

Photo Gallery
Please enjoy a range of photos from the week.

Keep an eye out for Lion Rock where more photos will be shared.

Margaret Bailey | Deputy Head of Secondary