Careers Corner – Volume 4 (2023)

We find it hard to believe that we have nearly reached the end of Term 1. The time has really flown by!!

With things getting back to normal here in Hong Kong, we are starting to see universities visit the school.

Les Roches Hospitality School visited on Wednesday, 8 March. While discussing what the school has to offer, Kavi Khemlani concentrated on what is required to make a career in the hospitality industry. He emphasized that while Les Roche is a hospitality school, many of their graduates obtain a business degree and now work in other industries.

I learnt that hospitality was much more than a reception and takes an individualistic approach. It requires a lot of management, problem-solving and general knowledge. – Valerie, 11H

The University of Toronto came to AISHK on 9 March. Among the world’s most prestigious institutions, UoT offers over 700 undergraduate and 200 postgraduate degrees. Prudence Ng discussed life on the three different campuses, the requirements for entry into the various degrees and the restrictions of applications. It was interesting to note that UoT relies only on academic results, rare for a North American university.

I found the talk to be enlightening and it helped me open my eyes to the varying options available. I used to think that I knew a fair bit regarding the university application process, however, I was wrong. I am glad I received this opportunity as it was quite informative and I have more knowledge now. – Molly, 12H

As mentioned by Mr Khemlani, Soft Skills are an important aspect of the working environment. The World Economic Forum publishes its list of skills that employers look for, and every year interpersonal skills is in the top 5. This includes the ability to conduct ‘small talk’ with people we know and those that we don’t. As part of the Pastoral Care program for Year 11, we recently had a speed chatting session, where students would pair up with a peer and chat about anything for 2 minutes. Then it was time to move on to the next person. This continued for much of the lesson. While the conversations were energetic, at first the focus was school related. After a few different chatting partners, the conversations became quite varied. It was wonderful to hear the noise level, which showed how engaged the students were. Another pleasing aspect of the activity was that most of the students spoke to someone that they rarely interact with. Lauren Stennart is a new student to AISHK this year and enjoyed the time she spent chatting with people she hadn’t met before and best of all, they had lots in common.

Small Talk can lead to Big Talk in the real world!!

A reminder to students to continually check the Careers 2023 google classroom for upcoming events, webinars, tours and activities. Also, Unifrog has some wonderful resources to assist with decision making. This platform is only open to Years 11 & 12 at the moment. However, Year 10 will have access from early next term.

Unfortunately, the visit on the 20th of March to AISHK by a representative from UNSW has had to be postponed. We will keep you updated on the rescheduled date.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Take Care

Anthony Murphy | Careers Advisor
Paul McGunnigle | Careers Advisor