[Head of School] Term 1 Week 1 Message

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit. I hope you enjoyed the holiday break with family and friends.

I am delighted to have taken up the role as Head of School and look forward to being part of your child’s life at school. Many new families have joined the school this week and it is my pleasure to welcome them to the AISHK community. On a personal level, I’ve appreciated the warm welcome from students, staff and parents.

It has been wonderful to have all of our students back on campus this week. There has been a positive and productive buzz from students and the staff across the classrooms, the playground, the cafeteria and around the corridors. The Year 12 Student Prefects led their secondary peers through their first day of school and have confidently embraced their leadership roles within the community. Please enjoy this 60 second visual of our first day of the 2023 school year.

I visited classrooms and a variety of lessons across the school this week. In one of these classroom visits the 2M students shared their thoughtful descriptions of what it means to bring to life our school’s daily mission of Connect, Strive, Flourish. I was impressed by these young students and their explanation of how we bring our mission to life each day at school. The image below shows 2M’s descriptions of what it means to Connect, Strive and Flourish at AISHK. The explanations from 2M students may resonate with you and certainly have application for all students in our community.

I was pleased to receive news from our graduating 2022 Year 12 students in January following the release of their IB results. Overall their IB results were excellent and students perform exceptionally well when compared to international cohorts. The HSC results in December were also some of the highest achievements celebrated by the school. The resilience and hard work of our recent Year 12 graduates is testament to the quality provision at AISHK and their personal integrity and effort. Please find below a short visual summary of the Year 12 2022 HSC and IB results for 2022.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week at AISHK and look forward to getting to know you, your child and the broader community. Enjoy a relaxing weekend with your family.

With respect,


Mina Dunstan | Head of School