[Head of Primary] Term 1 Week 1 Message

21 January, 2019 was the last time AISHK students started a school year face to face prior to this week. That is a long time by any definition. As a result, there has been a true appreciation for being on campus, where it has been a week of building new relationships and reconnecting with old ones. Talking to the students, there is genuine happiness and excitement about their new class and teacher. It has been such a pleasure walking into classrooms and seeing the buzz of students engaging activities in with their peers. The past three days has been a brilliant start and I have the sense it is going to be one of the great years at AISHK.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new families joining us this year. We had the opportunity to connect with many new parents at our coffee mornings this week. It was wonderful hearing about how our new students have settled in and were feeling happy in their new environment. The sense of connection, feeling safe, comfortable and valued in the classroom is imperative to a child’s success and so these first couple of weeks of school is exactly about that, so that our students may flourish as the year progresses. A warm welcome to Ms Mina Dunstan, our new Head of School, who some parents and students have had the opportunity to meet this week. We will be hosting Parent Information Sessions on:

  • Tuesday 14 February for Years 3-6
  • Wednesday 15 February for Reception-Year 2

At these sessions, parents will have an opportunity to hear from Ms Dunstan along with visiting their child’s classroom and meeting the class teacher. Keep your inbox refreshed for an email from Primary Office next week which outlines the detail of the evenings. We strongly encourage all parents to attend these sessions.

We also welcome some new staff members to the Primary Division including Kathryn Troy (Head of Year 3 and 3T teacher) Josh Stirling (6S), Julie Emery (Visual Arts Years 2-6) and Megan O’Connor (3D). They have all settled in well and have already commented on the amazing students we have and the sense of community this school provides.

I am truly excited about 2023. It is going to be a fantastic year and I am looking forward to seeing you around, starting with the Welcome Festival on Friday 10 February.

Brendan Kean | Head of Primary