Year 5 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

From the 22nd of November to the 25th of November, Year 5 went camping at Lantau Island. We stayed there for three nights and participated in four days of fun and challenging activities. Many students were thrilled as it was their first time staying overnight at camp and sleeping in tents. We were divided into six groups, each group having both an instructor and a teacher who was assigned to the group. Every student was assigned a tent that we would share with one to two other students.

Day 1- Arriving at Treasure Island

When we arrived, the groups designed their own flag, they also invented a name and a chant to represent their group. Half of the year set up their tents throughout the morning, while the rest of the students went surfing. In the afternoon, the groups switched activities. After dinner, we played games that required us to use our hearing senses, as we may not always be able to depend on our sight. Even though it had been a long first day and everyone was tired, most students were still wide awake when it was time for lights out. – Amber T and Sonya W

Day 1 was so much fun. Even though it was only half a day and really tiring, we enjoyed it a lot. My favourite activity on Day 1 was definitely surfing. I stood up on the board, but there weren’t really any big waves. It was a FANTASTIC day and we couldn’t wait for Day 2! – Lucy D

When we all got to school and went to the Auditorium, everyone was buzzing with excitement! Eventually, we got on the bus and once we got there, we were greeted by lots of friendly camp leaders. Lots of people’s bags were heavy, so luckily we didn’t have to go far until we reached the campsite. We played a game, but most people didn’t really get what was going on. My group (group 4), was called the OJ. We brought our lunch in our bags, and when we were done, going to get changed in the bathroom in the campsite was a nightmare. There were ants, and some of the floors were wet. Next we had surfing, which was new for a lot of people, and it was hard to keep our balance. We had a quick snack with the apples they provided for us, which tasted nice. Then came making our tents. Boy, was that hard for me. I worked with my camp mate and we took a while to set them up. After that we had dinner, which was spaghetti and it tasted really nice. Then we got ready for bed, and it was weird walking around with shoes and my PJs on. Then we went to bed, and there were quite a lot of people talking, but eventually we went to sleep. Tuesday Done. – Ted H

Day 2 – Zoe G and Jamie B

It was officially Day 2 of camp! Groups 1-3 got into their hiking gear and packed day bags, consisting of mosquito repellent, water, apples and sunscreen.

All the groups chose a hike, and so it began! We started off walking through Pui O Village, and slowly but surely inched onto the hiking trail. Starting off slowly, the three groups all climbed up a rocky trail and eventually arrived at a green roofed pagoda. Group 1 had just left with a map and compass as Group 2 settled down for a break with their apples and water. Just as quickly as Group 2 left, Group 3 arrived.

Each group had their own missions in mind: Group 1, to navigate the hike with map and compass. Group 2: To pick up every piece of litter they saw along the way. And Group 3: To complete both while staying on track.

One hour into the hike, we were about halfway to our desired destination. Stopping by to admire some unusual quartz crystals wedged into the ground, all the groups were quick to get to Mong Tsuen Wan Pier and settle down for a break with their water and some snacks. We all played games and chatted, relishing the break, until the dreaded yell came. “TIME TO GET GOING!”

Groans chorused, as everyone reluctantly got up and began the trail back to camp. It was long and certainly hot, but we eventually arrived! After eating a lunch of sandwiches, we did our ABL’s and Survival Skills, where we learnt the four “threes” (Three minutes without water, Three hours without shelter, Three days without water, and Three weeks without food). After building a shelter using a few materials given to us by the teachers, we then learned how to purify water with a filter made only of natural ingredients.

After we got back to camp after our long day, we all ate a BBQ themed dinner of roasted corn, potatoes, hot dogs and smores. To finish off, all the groups from 1-6 watched a movie called “The Secret Life of Pets”. At 8:30, everyone got into PJ’s and brushed their teeth. Soon, everyone was fast asleep at lights out, which was at 9:30. – Zoe G and Jamie B

Day 3

Half of the groups had kayaking and raft building, while the other half enjoyed their hike. After all those exciting activities, both had lunch. After lunch and recess, groups 1, 2 and 3 had coasteering and habitat studies, while the others had survival skills and ABLs (action-based learning). After a snack, the groups changed over.

After those activities, both groups had dinner. One had an English dinner, the other had a barbeque. After the nourishing dinner, the first half of the group used their time to practice their skits, a little show each of them prepared. The others practiced between showering and dinner. After dinner, the skit night began. The camp instructors also performed a little skit. The skits were all funny and the night ended with us heading back to the campsite. Finally at half past nine, everyone turned off their light sources and headed to sleep. – Tsz Shun W

Day 4 – The Last Day

In the morning of Day 4, Friday we started by packing our bags and putting down the tents while the other groups ate breakfast and continued the day with activities. We then swapped around and started our first activity, The Flying Kiwi. The goal was to use teamwork to lift a person into the air and from then on they would ring a bell to symbolize the success of the game. Each person was given two tries and there were harnesses we had to wear if we were being lifted up or to help pull on the rope with our harness attached to a clip on the rope in case anyone who was helping wasn’t paying attention. We then moved on to the next activity after a quick snack break.

The game we played was called “Ropes Initiatives” like limbo, each group member had to go under, over or through the ropes. After we strategised different ways we could go pass it, we decided some people would go under the ropes first and then help the rest of the people get under and then help the remaining people go over and through without touching any of the obstacles. The last activity we did was studying the wetlands and surrounding habitat, including the water buffalos that populated the area. We then split up into pairs and were given a worksheet with a few plants and animals that we had to find while we walked around. Our instructor showed us some interesting plants that were in the water and we learned about the history of the place.

When we got back to camp we did a small cleanup of the campsite and took a photo of year 5 before we got on the bus and headed back to school. – Miller T

Thank You

On behalf of Year 5, we would like to thank all the caring and patient Treasure Island  instructors for all their great guidance during camp. Thank you also to our wonderful parents who prepared us so well and made sure we had everything we needed. Thank you to Mrs Botfield, Mr Kean, Mr Bird, Ms Grevis-James, Ms Guinon and Ms Chan for giving up your time to join us. Finally, a massive thank you to Ms McHugh and Mr Brown and our fabulous Year 5 teachers, who stayed with us all through the week. We loved camp and truly appreciate how much you do for us. – Amber T and Sonya W

Mr Tobias Hogg (Head of Year 5), Ms Sam Illingworth, Mrs Greenie Chin, Mr Mark Wnek