Year 4 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

We have arrived at the last Dhanara article for Year 4 in 2022. There has been quite a buzz of excitement in all the classrooms this past week. There have been creative summative tasks started in Science, great hands on learning in Maths and persuasive texts developed for the student’s websites. Things are certainly as busy as always. We’ve also had the excitement building for our upcoming camp starting on Monday the 5th of December. It’s going to be a great last couple weeks of school!

English & Geography

Students have been hard at work finishing their persuasive essays and adding these to their Google site. Once we have finished, each student will have created their own website about Africa, Australia or South America, including information reports, Venn Diagrams comparing characteristics of each continent as well as an infographic about what you can do to help their chosen biome! The big idea of our English and Geography unit was- “How can we persuade an audience to take action to support sustainability?” Our goal is to give each student a toolbox of techniques that they are able to include in their writing to persuade the audience to agree with their opinion. Some of these tools are; using emotive language to help the reader empathise with the author as well as using facts and statistics to convince the audience the author is knowledgeable. We want the students to realise that they can change someone’s way of thinking through the power of their writing. As a final part of this topic the question was put forward to the students – Now you know all the characteristics of each biome, which biome would you choose to live in and why?

How can you support this at home? 

  •  Discuss with your child which biome they would choose to live in and share your choice with them.
  • Spend time looking at your child’s website with them. Were they able to persuade you?


This week in maths, students have continued their investigation into money. Students have explored simple budgets, and used menus to create budgets for a dinner out for their family. Students have explored the denominations of both Hong Kong and Australian money, working out how much change to give when purchasing items. Next week students will be putting these skills to good use as they will write a budget for buying ingredients and figure out how much change will be expected. We are looking forward to using our knowledge of measurement and money to make some delicious truffles in Week 9.

How can you support this at home?

  • Discuss how much change is expected when purchasing items with cash.
  • Create a simple budget with your child around everyday/weekend purchases.


This past week has seen all the classes working on the summative task, which is the creation of a toy. The children have been designing and starting to build their toy which must have at least two different materials and an elastic property. The toy must also be safe and fun to use (and this will be tested by others in the class). The aim is to ensure that the children understand that specific materials are used for different purposes based on their properties.

The children were shown some potential ideas as inspiration and then they have gone forth to develop their own ideas. As they proceed along, they are taking pictures and videos, which will be put together on a Google Slide. The students will reflect on their choices of materials and their overall planning. At the end of the unit, the Google Slide will be shared via Seesaw for all to see. There are sure to be some fantastic toys designed and built by the children.

How can you support this at home?

  • Have a look at some of the toys around the house and see which ones have an elastic property
  • Research together how toys have changed over time and the different materials that are used currently compared to the past

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout this remarkable, positive and fulfilling school year. How lucky we are to have experienced most of it in-person, on-campus. It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside you to support this fantastic group of children! Have a safe and restful break and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Important Dates 

  • Monday 12 December – Transition Day – 1:00-2:00
  • Tuesday/Wednesday 13/14 December – Class Parties
  • Thursday 15 December – Primary School Students dismissed at 12:00 noon

Mr Bruce Home (Head of Year 4), Ms Kirsten Beecheno, Mrs Neander Walsh