Year 1 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

We are certainly racing towards the end of year and it is hard to believe that we are now in December! With Christmas just around the corner, our Year 1 Mini Musical is fast approaching next week. If you get a chance to, please practise the songs and lines with your child so they are ready and prepared for the show!

We hope that you are able to join us for the performance on Tuesday 6th December in the Auditorium.

The times are: 

  • 1L – 8:30am
  • 1M – 9:15am
  • 1T -10:00am
  • 1W -10:45am


The weather has taken a sudden turn and the temperature has dropped. Students have been reminded to have their AISHK jacket with them at school and of course can wear their black track pants if needed.

Nut allergies

Students have been adapting well to new eating routines and have continued to follow appropriate hygiene measures when eating food. We would like to remind parents that snacks and lunches should not include nuts, as we have several students with severe nut allergies in the school.


Students have been experimenting with rhyme and alliteration. They have investigated the sound patterns in a range of words and created lists of rhyming words following a set pattern. Students will be working towards creating their own rhyming poems next. They have also attempted to write sentences using the same beginning sound (alliteration) for each word. For example: “Crazy cows carry crocodiles.” – by Anson  or “Bad bubbly beetles bite boats.” –  by Robina.


In Phonics, we continue to review our ‘bossy e’ words and how it can change short vowel sounds into long vowel sounds. We also explored how to add the suffix ‘s’ to our ‘bossy e’ words to make them plural (i.e. grapes, kites, bikes). When changing our verbs to past tense, we practiced adding the ‘ed’ suffix and listened to how some ‘ed’ sounds are pronounced differently.

What you can do at home: Stop and spot any ‘bossy e’ sounds, past tense ‘ed’ verbs and plural nouns. Make a list of of the words you spot and practice spelling them independently.


Using our growing range of strategies to solve simple addition and subtraction problems have continued to be our focus. Students are learning that even though we might know the correct answer very quickly, the most important part is being able to explain how we got the answer (what strategy we used) and even be able to solve the problem another way.

Some of our strategies are; doubles and near doubles, counting on and and back, drawing and using counters, friends of 10 (and 20), adding ten and even split strategy.

What you can do at home: Play 35 with a deck of cards (picture cards removed)

  1. Each player starts at the number, 35
  2. If you turn over a red card, you subtract that number from 35
  3. If your turn over a black card, you add that number to 35
  4. The player with the highest number is the winner


In Geography, we concluded our ‘I am here, what’s over there?’ unit by creating our own map of park we would like to have in Hong Kong. The park map included the different types of features, a detailed map key with symbols and a compass rose. We are beginning to explore how to reduce waste and take care of our environment through recycling and what things at home and in school we can/ can’t recycle.

What you can do at home: Look out for recycling bins in your local community. Try to organise your rubbish at home and recycle any waste materials you can in your local recycling bins.

You can do it!

In our You Can Do It lessons, we continue to explore emotions and how we can manage them  in situations as well as practise resilience. We are reminded to also think about how to respond to tricky emotions, using Red light and Green light thinking to make a good choice.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms Lynda Lemmon (Head of Year 1), Ms Diana Toufeili, Ms Daniel Man, Mr Jack Wolfreys

Important Dates for Year 1, Term 4
9Tuesday the 6th of December: Year 1 Mini Musical Production (Auditorium)
10Tuesday the 21st of November: Jingle Mingle Picnic (4:00 - 7:00pm)

Thursday the 15th of December: End of Term / 12:00 dismissal. Mufti to support charity.