Year 10 Activity Week Wraps Up with a “Global X-perience”

On the 8th of December, the Y10 cohort had the opportunity to attend a “Global X-perience” at Crossroads Foundation which tackled issues revolving around poverty and lifestyle. This was an amazing way to wrap up our 2022 Activity Week.

As we arrived, we heard from Mr. David Begbie who gave an incredibly thought-provoking speech and continued to emotionally connect with us with his commentary throughout the experience. He captured our attention from the start to the end of the entire experience, and we really admired his passion.

We then began the experience by going inside a room decorated to look like a slum; there were different sections, such as the charity, the school, and under the bridge. We were separated into groups (“families”) to make paper bags, and we would have to sell the paper bags in any way we could. The money we earned would have to go towards food and water, rent, or extras such as sanitation or education.

The room was full of chaos. Everyone was yelling at each other, and the little things didn’t seem to matter anymore, as everyone was just rushing to make as many paper bags as they could before the 10 minutes were up. We found that there was a lot of teamwork and communication required to earn enough money to sustain the family. When our “family members” got sick or were going to school, the rest of us had to continue working and folding paper bags, and that was all we thought about.

To imagine doing this for a living, with a much greater sense of desperation, is astounding. We shared sentiments amongst each other, discussing the dignity and basic needs of people in poverty. I believe that this experience was rewarding and an honour to participate in, as it provided a new perspective that most of us are lucky enough to have never experienced before.

Audrey Kwok | Year 10 Student