Year 10 Activity Week Recap

During Week 8, the Year 10 students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities to wrap up 2022.  Their week began on Monday, November 28 with a trip to Ocean Park for a Mathematics excursion.  Data was collected for a unique mathematics project that students would continue to work on in the following weeks.  On Tuesday, the students participated in a career challenge day hosted by OWN Academy where they were led by industry experts in the fields of pharmaceuticals, corporate law and product design. Students were tasked with researching and delivering solutions to real industry challenges in which they had the opportunity to display their innovation and collaboration!

The middle of the week continued the trend of unique experiences. The Year 10 students attended a senior skills developmental session through Human Connections, had a rooftop sausage sizzle and closed the day out with some ice skating at Festival Walk. There was a surprising amount of student talent displayed on the ice, and Mr Chin finally got to reconnect with his Canadian roots!

Activity Week closed out with some fun, albeit chilly, water sports activities in Sai Kung through Blue Sky Sports Club.  Students displayed resilience and positivity as they battled the winds and successfully attempted stand up paddleboarding. Fortunately, students finished their Friday with a sunny day kayaking to several islands and a beach clean-up!

Thank you for a wonderful 2022, Year 10 students!

Ben Chin | Head of Year 10