They did it! Five AYP Silver Awards for Secondary Students

They did it! Five of our students finally completed the last hike for the Silver Expedition on Saturday 10th December. The students, from three year levels, persisted in the face of significant difficulties and are to be commended for their resilience and dedication.

  • Year 12 Lorraine Tang
  • Year 11 Elke Chaplin and Natasha Pizzala
  • Year 10 Zoe Wan and Alton Qiu

Completion of the Silver Expedition is a requirement of the Silver Award for the Hong Kong Award for Young People (HKAYP), a member of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. The Award comprises four sections: Expedition, Skills, Service, and Physical Recreation.

Coronavirus restrictions made it difficult for students to fulfil the requirements for Bronze and Silver Awards in the HKAYP and completion of this hike was a significant milestone for them. The five students started training for the Silver Expedition mid-2021, but the closure of camping grounds and interruptions due to online learning delayed their completion of the qualifying segment of the Expedition.

This year, the students completed the qualifying segment as an Exploration of abandoned villages in Plover Cove Country Park where there are many villages in various states of decay or repair. Now they only need to complete a report of their findings. Natasha, Elke, Zoe and Alton will also prepare for a presentation to Assembly in Term 1, 2023.

Andrew Hill | Head of AYP