[Head of School] Term 4 Week 10 Message

So, our 2022 school year finishes with fantastic events and a warm feeling of accomplishment. There were congratulations last week for the Year 6 students graduating into high school and on Monday we further welcomed next year’s Prep students to the school while primary teachers welcomed their next-year students into their classrooms.

Further congratulations were given to secondary students at Speech Day, Tuesday, with some receiving significant academic awards. Well done to all who performed and were awarded.

Our Jingle & Mingle Picnic had outstanding music performed by students which provided ample entertainment as a counteract to the glum weather. Thank you to the Parent Association for their support of the event.

And between the class parties and pizza slices our fulsome Yearbook 2022 arrived as a fitting summation of the year.

With good wishes spoken, Christmas cards written, and gestures of fond farewell made, the leavers of 2022 bid adieu, and in doing so treasure the warm and enduring friendships created and nurtured here at AISHK.

The treasure trove of memories and friendships from my 25 years at this school are very precious and I thank each one of you for your contribution to the richness of my AISHK experience.

Wishing you each a festive holiday and an invigorating break along with healthy, hearty and prosperous next steps in life. Au revoir.

Howard West | Head of School