[Deputy Head of Primary] Term 4 Week 8 Message

Here, in the first week of December, the festive season feels like it is now truly upon us. Many of our students have opened the first doors on their advent calendars and I’m sure that decorations are starting to go up in many of our family’s homes. Nowhere, however, has it been more obvious that we are approaching Christmas and the holidays, than in the school auditorium this week, as our Year Two and Year Three students put on some fantastic musical performances.

Colourful stage lighting, smoke machines and fantastic costumes were accompanied by superb acting and singing performances. Students took on a variety of roles ranging from Santa and his reindeers, to dentists and matadors!

The Christmas Musicals are a culmination of the hard work put in by students to learn lines, actions and lyrics, which were rehearsed not only in classes but also at home. Indeed, this kind of performance can only go ahead with the support of families and the dedication and enthusiasm of our students themselves.

Of course, a special mention should be given to our Performing Arts department, particularly Ms Alysha Gauthier, who guided students through the various stages of preparing through to performing, whilst also making the process fun, engaging and enriching for all students. One thing that was wonderful to see, was the way that students supported and encouraged one another whilst performing confidently on stage.

Next week, we will continue to get into the Christmas spirit as our Preps and Year Ones perform their own Christmas Musicals. Led by Ms Jaime Ashton, our Early years students are looking forward to putting on more fantastic shows.

I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Chris Bird | Deputy Head of Primary