Year 12 HSC Visual Arts student Oscar Cathcart selected for ArtExpress

The Creative Industries department are thrilled to learn this week that Year 12 HSC Visual Arts student Oscar Cathcart’s Body of Work has been selected for the prestigious ArtExpress exhibition, that will showcase the best artworks from HSC Visual Arts students in select galleries across NSW in 2023.

Oscar’s collection of work revolves around the challenges he faced this year, as he was stuck in Melbourne during Term 1 due to the flight ban and could not return to Hong Kong for several months. In the face of this adversity, he found inspiration for his art, producing an animation and numerous ink drawings contemplating his situation and the range of emotions that he felt.

Upon returning to Hong Kong, Oscar chose to culminate his works into an art installation, replicating his desk space where he’d worked under trying conditions during the previous months, and then photographing the results. This idea was inspired by the installation art of Tracey Emin, who famously placed her bed – in its full dishevelled state, into the Tate Gallery in 1999. By recreating the space, Oscar hoped to capture his lived experience and a unique moment in time.

Oscar’s work will be shown as part of ArtExpress at the Glasshouse regional gallery in Port Macquarie from the 1st July – 17th September 2023.

Congratulations to Oscar and the Visual Arts team!

Creative Industries are: Marc Allante, Chrissy Carini, Justina Dear , Danny Freer , Andy Griffiths, Claire Lo, Andrew McLean, Mariko Walsh, Emily Wilkie