AISFL Board Work Expressions of Interest

The Australian International School Foundation seeks to maintain a Board of Governors comprised of talented and dedicated governors with a diverse mix of experience, skills and backgrounds collectively reflecting the strategic needs of the Foundation and the Australian International School community in the Hong Kong environment.

From time to time the Board also seeks support from non-Board members of the community with specific skills, experience, and backgrounds, to be appointed as Advisors to support the work of its various Committees.

As one tool to support the Board in having access to a diverse selection of dedicated and committed potential candidates for Board positions and Board Committee Advisor roles, expressions of interest are sought from interested and committed members of the Hong Kong community who are willing and able to serve as an Advisor to a Board Committee or as a Board Governor. Without limiting candidates who might wish to express an interest in supporting the Board’s activities, the Board is currently particularly interested in committed members of the community with backgrounds or skills in technology; branding and communications, and fund raising.

An Expression of Interest Form is available within the AISHK website, which can also be accessed via this link.

Whilst there may not be any Board roles immediately being recruited, information from suitable candidates will be held by the Board and considered when a role arises.

Howard West | Head of School