K2 – Year 2 Open Day | Experience AISHK!

Discover School Life at AISHK!

AISHK welcomes you to a special school tour of our award-winning campus, whilst your child enjoys an engaging class and activities with our early learning teachers. Enjoy this day free of charge!

家長們, 我們誠邀您和您的孩子免費參加我們的學習體驗日。在活動當日, 我們的幼兒小學老師會透過課堂和活動, 讓您的孩子可以親身體驗我們的教學模式。與此同時, 您亦可以參觀我們曾獲建築獎項的校舍及校內設施

Do you have a child who would like to discover a learning environment which balances academic success with wellbeing? Would your child benefit from academic results and educational pathways to universities in Australia and around the world? AISHK is the only school in Hong Kong to offer the Australian Curriculum, the IB Diploma and the NSW HSC, providing a balanced education for students from Reception (4 years of age) to Year 12.

您想您的孩子在一個追求卓越成績及重視身心發展的學習環境中成長嗎? 您希望您的孩子可以透過國際化的教, 而獲得全面發展的好處嗎?澳洲國際學校(AISHK)是香港唯一一間同時提供 IB國際文憑和新南威爾士州 HSC (NSW – The Higher School Certificate)課程的學校,為幼稚園(4 歲)至中學12 年級的學生提供全人及多元化的教育。

Due to popular demand, we will hold the following session:
Saturday, 22 October: For students who are attending K2 to Year 2 in September 2022
十月廿二日(星期六): 適合於今年九月就讀K2至二年級的同學

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有意參加的家庭, 可在2022年10月9日(星期日)前, 在網上登記或以電郵聯絡 澳洲國際學校入學部(admissions@aishk.edu.hk). 我們期待您的蒞臨!