[Head of Secondary] Term 3 Week 1 Message

A very happy welcome back to all Secondary families as we begin second semester. It was wonderful to see our students so warmly reconnect with each other and their teachers on Wednesday, and we look forward to an action-packed and rewarding term ahead. A special welcome to the thirteen new Secondary families who have joined the AISHK community this week.

At Wednesday’s assembly, our School Captains talked about the importance of good collaboration, which is one of our school’s ten values. Given how much we’ve heard about “isolation” and “remoteness” in the last two-and-a-half years, Luke and Emma offered a timely emphasis on the great benefits of working together in teams in pursuit of common goals. They shared insights and perspectives from classmates and teachers on what constitutes good collaboration and challenged Secondary students to find new ways to more effectively contribute to teams.

It was a pleasure to chat with many of you at last night’s Year 7-10 Parent/Student/Teacher conferences, and I look forward to part two of the event next Tuesday; bookings are still open via Parent Lounge. We also have our Year 10 Subject Decision Interviews taking place next Thursday, with students and families choosing between the two excellent senior pathways offered at AISHK – the HSC or IB. This is an important milestone in a Secondary student’s education and offers the chance for reflection on what subjects they most enjoy and are good at.

There is much to look forward to in Secondary over the coming weeks, including the house spirit and keen competition of Interhouse Basketball, starting Monday. For now though, may you all enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend with family and friends.

Peter Phillips | Head of Secondary