Term 2 Science Talks

On the penultimate day of Term 2, science students enjoyed online presentations from five science practitioners.

Year 8 Science students attended Zoom talks from three medical professionals. Dr. Saha spoke to us from Kansas City about her work as a cardiologist and her path to this profession. Mrs. Dy emphasised the importance of questioning and persistence as she discussed some notable findings in her role as a medical researcher. Finally, Dr. Yip described a typical day for a general practitioner and a paediatrician. This was the culmination of our Health Science unit, in which students learnt about medical issues such as the state of medical research and types of disease.

Senior Physics students attended a talk later that day over Zoom from the University of Sydney. Having recently studied the science of electric motors, they were interested to hear from the motor sports team about their electric race car. The engineers explained the design of their motors and gave students insight into the design process.

We are appreciative and grateful for the generosity of each of the speakers in giving of their time to deliver these talks. Their enthusiasm and dedication to their respective fields is an inspiration to students and teachers alike.

Many thanks to Mr Peter Pulsford and Mr Benjamin Chin for the organisation of this event.

Dr Andrew Hill | Head of Science