[Head of School] Term 3 Week 1 Message

There was a warm welcome back into school this week for our continuing students and a special welcome for the 57 new students joining us for the first time. It is affirming to have such friendly introductions for the new families to welcome them into the school community. Thank you to the Parent Association leadership who also greeted and welcomed new families in person. The high quality of our community relationships is well maintained through such the investment of time and energy in such sharing and communicating.

We also welcomed new staff into the school this week. In Primary, teachers, Ms Jennifer Cutri, Ms Alysha Gauthier, Ms Sarah Guinon, Mr Thomas McLean, Mr Ciaran McMullan and support staff, Ms Mariett Barreto, Ms Cyndi Chiu, Ms Royce Fong and Mrs Kerry Ruse. In Secondary, teacher, Mrs Dianna Lee with Mrs Isabell Power returning from leave on 22 August and, in a learning support role Ms Sandy Gray.

The weeks ahead for this term are looking eventful and engaging. The fact that Book Week is running through Week 4 from 22 August is also an exciting prospect for all and I’m sure there are already some vigorous costuming preparations taking place at home.

We completed some renovations during the break, the most noticeable of which is the street-side school branding and signage along Tim Fuk Road. This enhances the approach to the building along this much-used foot path. We also completed the addition of vinyl floor covering to the upper balconies and outer stairs of the building along with auto-flow taps being installed in all bathrooms. There was also some sound absorption paneling added in the secondary music room. Attached images show the scope of the work.

Best wishes for the weekend ahead and I look forward to seeing you as the opportunity allows through our parent meetings scheduled for next week.

Howard West | Head of School