Australian National Science Week

This week is Australian National Science Week, a celebration of science that is taking place across Australia – and of course also in Hong Kong at the Australian International School. This year, the theme is: Glass – more than meets the eye.

Many items of scientific apparatus are made from glass. At AISHK, for example, we regularly use beakers, conical flasks, round bottom flasks, funnels, measuring cylinders, distillation apparatus, reflux tubes, watch glasses, burettes, pipettes, thermometers, gas syringes, glass stirring rods, glass tubing, glass capillary tubes, test tubes, boiling tubes, terrariums, lenses, mirrors, bell jars, glass troughs, light bulbs and vacuum tubes. All of these items are manufactured in various types of glass.

This week at AISHK, students have been introduced to some interesting facts about science and glass and some have also had opportunity to make glass in the laboratory or to use Bunsen burners to work with glass tubing. A number of students showed creative and technical promise in the blowing, twisting and bending of glass.

Dr Andrew Hill | Head of Science (7-12)