Parent Association: Father’s Day at Dockyard

Father’s Day is just around the corner!

The PA is pleased to provide an event to celebrate the upcoming Father’s Day date as is traditionally observed in Australia and New Zealand.

All AISHK Dads are welcome to attend this event which will be held at the relaxing venue, The Dockyard at Kerry Hotel, Hung Hom.

Please complete the form below to pre-register your interest, and the event ticketing link will be sent to you in the week commencing 22 August.

Date & Time: Saturday 3 September, 4-7pm
Venue: Dockyard at The Kerry Hotel
Cost: $398 per person (online booking fee will apply)
Pre-register: Please fill out the following online form

Package includes:
– Snacks and appetisers to share
– A main course of your choice
– 2 alcoholic beverages OR 3 non alcoholic beverages

We hope to see you there!




AISHK Parent Association