Year 4 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 10

We have arrived at the end of Week 10 and what an amazing term it has been. Such a positive experience to be back on campus with the students for a full term and sharing in the amazing face-to-face learning adventures! Everyone has been so busy and a well-deserved rest is certainly in order. The Year 4 team would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the children for their steady effort, enthusiasm and consistent engagement with everything that we have been doing. As we wrap up our units of work in all subject areas, it is clear to see that the children have learned so much and made outstanding efforts to share their knowledge. Thank you to parents for your support this term as we have transitioned back to class, as your help settling and guiding the children has been so appreciated. Ms Ashton, Miss Beechie, Mrs Walsh and Mr Home are grateful for the wonderful community of children and parents in Year 4! We wish you a fantastic holiday ahead and look forward to seeing everyone again at the start of Term 3.


Year 4 have been busy creating their very own fairytale this week. The students planned, drafted, edited and revised a fairytale based on a Grimm Brother’s story or one from their own imaginations. Each and every story demonstrates the deep learning students have had throughout the term as well as their high levels of creativity. Students have been working hard on publishing their stories either digitally through Book Creator or physically, creating a cover and pictures to match. We are very excited to be sharing these stories with you through Seesaw this Friday.

In reading, students have been reflecting on their learning throughout the term as we finish up reading “A Friend for Grace”. It was great to see the students on the edge of their seats wondering what life will be like for the main character, Grace, as she leaves the convict ship and starts her new life in Australia in 1803.


It has been a busy term of Mathematics and we have taken the last two weeks as an opportunity to review some of our multiplication strategies while also finishing up our measurement unit. The conclusion of the area and perimeter focus unit saw the learners creating two-dimensional robots made of regular geometric shapes. Once the robots were done, they had to measure the perimeter of their creation and then the area. There was some great discovery as students did use some triangles, which meant there had to be some extension work on how to calculate the area of triangles. The end result has seen the students create some very interesting robots, but most importantly, they have consolidated their understanding of these two key aspects of measurement. Later in the year, we will extend our learning when we inquire about the volume of three-dimensional figures.


We have wrapped our History unit this week by putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. The students completed a senses mat from the perspective of someone on the First Fleet. They could choose to look through the eyes of a convict, soldier or free settler. Students had to describe what they smelled, tasted, saw, felt and heard while they were traveling to the land down under. We also wrote two journal entries, one from the perspective of a European arriving in Australia and one from a Nations First people. Everyone was in agreement that it would have been unsettling and confronting for both the European arrivals and Aboriginal people, when the First Fleet anchored in Sydney Cove.

As part of our History unit, students also completed a research project during Library lessons with Mrs Brown. They chose an explorer from the Age of Exploration and came up with some thick questions about their chosen person. To support your child’s learning at home, ask them what they found interesting about their chosen explorer.


To conclude this unit, students reviewed the natural changes and human activities that change the Earth’s surface. Then, as a class, students read the picture book ‘The Street Beneath My Feet’ by Charlotte Guillain and Yuval Zommer. It is a beautiful picture book that illustrates the concepts explored in our unit and more! Students discussed their understanding of what lies beneath their feet, and recreated the illustrations from the book to demonstrate their understanding now. Students will share their scientific artworks on Seesaw soon. To support learning at home, ask your child what they found most interesting about this science unit; What do they know now that they didn’t know before? Additionally, here is a link to a read-aloud of this book that you can watch with your child.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday period. Enjoy the break and safe travels for those who are leaving Hong Kong.

Mr Bruce Home (Head of Year 4), Mr Bruce Home, Ms Kirsten Beecheno, Mrs Ne