Year 2 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 8

Below is a quick recap of our learning so far and how you can support your child.


Students have been describing Zog, Princess Pearl and the other characters in Julia Donaldson’s story. They have been exploring how the author and the illustrator have created settings for the characters to travel through and bring the stories to life. Students are preparing to write their own narrative over the next two weeks. We will finish the term with a writers publication day. All students will write and illustrate their own story using the skills they have learnt in Semester One. Get ready for some amazing characters, catch phrases, and unique settings.

Our spelling focus for the next fortnight is the ir, er, ear, ur, or  phoneme. Students will be learning words like hurt, alert, thirty, worm, heard, reverse, concerns, burped, squirming.

How can you support this at home? Ask your child what they plan to write about. Ask if they have their characters in mind and if they have considered where their story will take place? It is time to prepare for writing and illustrating their book.



In Mathematics, we have been learning about fractions. In Year Two our fraction focus is halves, quarters and eighths. We have divided different shapes and amounts when learning about fractions and have been paying close attention to making equal parts. We have looked at the different ways fractions are shown and have begun to write and draw basic fractions showing the denominator and numerator.

How can you support this at home? When at home, find opportunities to get your child thinking about fractions. Can they sort items at home into equal groups or help organised food into equal amounts for dinner? Ask them if they know the fraction they need? 



In our Chemical Sciences unit we are investigating the effects of mixing materials together. We have managed to get up into the Secondary cooking room to to do an experiment. It was great to see how different mixtures could be formed and which mixtures were able to be separated. The best part was that the students were able to take home some souvenirs from their experiment too. We have another cooking session planned in Week 10.

How can you support this at home? Ask your child; which ingredients did we mix first, which ones did we need to heat up, how did it taste?  

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Aaron Flugge (Head of Year 2), Mr Andrew Bennett, Mrs Nyssa Tong, Ms Rebecca Lachmund