[Head of Secondary] Term 2 Week 10 Message

At the end of this action-packed term, there is little left to say other than a big, heartfelt thank you to all Secondary students, staff and families for making it so successful. Over ten pulsating weeks of face-to-face lessons, our students have brought our campus back to life with their boundless energy, curiosity and humour. Our teachers and assistants, meanwhile, have shown remarkable commitment and care for their students and engineered countless memorable moments both inside and outside the classroom.

Finally, to all Secondary parents and families, who have dealt with so many sudden, inconvenient variations to school routines in recent times: thank you for your loyal support of the school and everything you do to aid your children’s learning at home.

While everyone eagerly anticipates and has absolutely earned this upcoming holiday, it is fitting today that we can be grateful for and celebrate all that has been achieved this term.

Looking ahead to next semester, we welcome Year 12 students back early for classes on Monday 1st August at 11am while we’ll see the rest of Secondary on Wednesday 3rd. We have Year 7-10 parent-student-teacher conferences scheduled for the afternoons of 4th and 9th August in the school auditorium, and these events will provide the opportunity to reflect on the semester reports that have just been released today. As I noted at today’s assembly, while high academic grades are certainly important to strive for, what’s most important in our school ethos is giving one’s best effort at all times. So for students whose reports indicate variable effort across subjects, a goal for next semester is to ensure consistently high effort levels in pursuit of personal bests.

Wishing all Secondary families a safe and rejuvenating holiday, and may those of you who will be reconnecting with family and friends after way too long, let the times together be special and festive.

Peter Phillips | Head of Secondary