[Head of School] Term 2 Week 10 Message

The success of the Dream with STEAM week was celebrated through a vibrant and entertaining concert last Friday afternoon. With only this term to rehearse there was an accomplished lovely array of music from the Orchestra, String Ensemble, Wind Band, String Quartet, the Vocal Ensemble. Also, there was a range of individual performances and devised compositions and three groups – the Year 9 Ensemble, The Wednesday Band and the Rock Band playing up-tempo rock along with two entertaining drama pieces.

It was a superbly successful concert and thankyou to Mr Peter Stapleton, the music and drama staff and the student performers who brought us a wonderful afternoon of music and performance.

The Chinese Week activities and celebration of this week have provided fun, interest and learning for the primary students. Thank you to all the staff and the parents who helped organise and who participated in making the events a success.

The vaccination percentage records of our students continues to uptick as we receive more information from parents. We now have all year levels 5-12 with a vaccination percentage of more than 90%. The average vaccination percentage for the entire school sits at 88%, with secondary on a 95% average and primary on an 83% average. Hopefully, we can see the whole-school average rate move to the 90% level in a short period and we can start Term 3 with that as a significant accomplishment from all.

We say farewell to several staff who are leaving us this term and we wish them much success in their new situations:  Mrs Sally Sutherland, Mr Kelvin Lam, Ms Mariko Walsh, Mrs Jacky Bliss, Ms Aliki Watson-Jones, Ms Sarah Galvin and Mrs Nicole Atkins. Mrs Atkins and Mrs Bliss have notably completed 19 years of service at AISHK. Our best wishes also go to Ms Renee Bauer and Mrs Simone Maclay who will be absent for a period of maternity leave.

This holiday period is a well-deserved one for our students, staff and families and whether you are travelling or not, our best wishes go to each member of our community for a relaxing and restful summer vacation. Hopefully, the students’ reports tell stories of achievement and accomplishment and offer insights into their progress as well as areas for growth.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm through this remarkable term.

Howard West | Head of School