Creative Industries 2022 Term 2 in Review: Back to Prac

Term 2 took off immediately with students on their feet, moving and creating, making and doing. We wanted students to get back into collaborating with one another through shared use of facilities and resources (sharing space leads to sharing ideas) — something that was missing and missed online during Term 1.

Across all subjects in Creative Industries, students were challenged with briefs that allowed them to follow their curiosity. New skills were introduced across traditional and technological mediums and students were encouraged to explore and take creative risks. Extra-curricular activities recommenced with excursions, cross-collaboration and service activities.

At the end of Term 2, we bid farewell to Mariko Walsh, a 2021 Alumni and current Creative Industries assistant, who leaves us for university in London. She will best be known as an “HSC Band 6 Design & Technology student” and founder of “Mariko’s Materials” – a series of recycling experiments that will be used to inspire our brief for the 2022 AISHK School Fair in Term 4 – we’re aiming for zero-waste production

Food Technology Year 7

Year 7 got right into the kitchen to develop their knife and measuring skills, as well as food styling and photography. Students got to use a variety of cooking equipment and tried their skills at a wide range of recipes.

During Week 5, students sat a unit in “Future Foods” where they considered food sustainability and innovation. For this unit, students got to meet AISHK 2016 alumni Marianne O’Reilly who has a Future Foods startup in Hong Kong called Shroomi. Shroomi is a “vegan fried chicken” product made completely of mushrooms and focuses on sustainability. Students got to submit questions to Marianne and she filmed responses. Students used Shroomi in their recipe for the practical of the week.

Mandatory Technology Year 8

Year 8 MT embraced the idea of “multi-disciplinary design” by utilising a range of modern skills this term. In Term 3, students will engineer a “flat-packable” product from zero, which will also include a coded sensor element. How better to introduce systems design than through recipe writing and cooking skills?

Students “backwards engineered” a recipe into a flowchart which another student had to test in the kitchen. Students then evaluated the originator’s system design; a creative way to understand processes and systems engineering!

Year 8 students then got their first taste of modern Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing by learning how to use Adobe Illustrator and laser cutters. Students produced moulds to then cast pewter into. A twist on the usual analogue to digital workflow.

Next term, students will apply these new CAD/CAM and flowchart skills into a highly engineered product using applied mathematics and STEAM skills.

Year 9 Elective Technology

Year 9 Design students carried on with the theme of “Dream with STEAM” by designing and prototyping their infinity mirror products which will be fully manufactured in Term 3. The infinity mirror brief uses a combination of electrical engineering and circuit building skills, CAD/CAM skills in Adobe Illustrator and laser cutting, and visual art skills to develop creative, highly aesthetic lighting objects for manufacture in Term 3. Working with the Dream with STEAM theme of “Down The Rabbit Hole”, students produced designs based on Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix.

The final products will be on display in Term 3 — expect a “laser light show” in the Round Room / 702 because 100s of LEDs have been used!

Year 11 Visual Art Trip to Life Drawing

Year 11 Visual Art went on an excursion to a local studio for “Life Drawing”. HSC student Coco Carey wrote a review:

On Friday, May 20th, Y11 HSC and IB Visual Art students went to a life drawing studio in North Point. This session was run by Gail Deayton who was instructing us throughout and Ling our model.

Life drawing teaches one to not draw or create as we think we see but how we actually see it. But personally, the most significant and impactful lesson Gail emphasised was to reject perfectionism and meticulous behaviour in art as it can often be too rigid and result in a lack of authenticity. However, by being more confident in your skills and line work, it can create something expressive and personal and make the viewer feel something. 

Gail did multiple activities which were exciting and daunting as an artist. For example, we drew with both hands, completed a single-lined artwork and drew without looking at our paper. All these activities were time-constrained, which meant we couldn’t overthink it. Throughout the session, Gail created a supportive environment that emphasised positive technique and attitude and this empowered me and my classmates to be confident and authentic when producing work.

I see myself as a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my art, so this life drawing excursion has definitely changed my perspective and how I approach my art making in the future. I have much more confidence in my work and fluidity in my art process.

Year 11 Visual Art and Visual Design

Year 11 Visual Design students developed their graphic design skills by screenprinting their own t-shirts.

Visual Art students were happy to be back in the studios and experimented across a wide range of materials including resin, airbrushing, and sculpting.

Year 10 IST

Students in Year 10 Information and Software Technology spent Term 2 General art exploring online media, focusing on the disinformation/misinformation and other ethical issues related to the world of YouTube/vlogging. They worked in small teams to create a channel and produce a series of short video entries using persuasive techniques to promote a ‘conspiracy theory’ of their own invention.

Year 9 IST

Year 9 Information and Software Technology students began the new term learning about data visualisation and digital graphic design, finally using this knowledge to create their own infographics. Later in the term, students learned some programming concepts, took a crash course in Python and used these skills to create an interactive game.

Service, equipment & collaborations

A few “student design & construction” teams are out making furniture for various locations within the school. Currently in production is a new custom “illustration station” for the visual art studios’ new digital studio stations. Construction teams are also producing furniture for the counsellor’s office and a “friendship bench” for public use on the 7th floor.

The department was lucky to purchase 3 new 3D printers, which now gives us 5 total, including 2x old FDM printers, 2x modern self-levelling FDM printers, and one new SLA / resin printer! There will be a 3D modelling & printing club in Term 3.

Dream With STEAM inspired some interesting connections to be made throughout Creative Industries.  A range of visual art submissions came in and was on display in the atrium for the Performing Arts Showcase. Sometimes, students just need an excuse to be creative and the DWS brief seemed to be that spark. Skilled teams worked together on many pieces, which proves that students just need a reason to collaborate.

Submissions for the T-E-A (Technology – Engineering – Art) included digital illustrations, acrylic paintings, and laser-cut 3-dimensional objects. Some students stopped into the facilities just to have a play with electronics and learn how to wire LEDs or to laser cut something on-theme. Two notable collaborations happened between students and the department; Bok Chee Lau’s Year 12 artworks lent themselves well to the theme which sparked a conversation about turning his analogue illustrations into digital lighting – a technique that may be used later on. A Year 7 student, Sam Wong, coded a game on-theme using Unity and C#. With the support of the department, we are working to equip it with a DIY games cabinet so that the community can play it.

Students popped in to utilise the facilities to make props for their English and Drama performances, and some Year 8s used the laser cutting skills that they just learned in DT earlier in the term. Creative Industries is always seen as a hub, and students are encouraged to make connections and use the resources.


We are excited to participate in the upcoming AISHK School Fair in Semester 2. Year 12 Visual Arts students will have an exhibition, and Food Technology will be testing some new exciting units.

Wishing all the artists, designers, engineers, chefs, makers, and coders a great summer holiday!


Creative Industries are: Marc Allante, Chrissy Carini, Justina Dear , Danny Freer , Andy Griffiths, Claire Lo, Andrew McLean, Mariko Walsh, Emily Wilkie