Chinese Week 2022

This week marked our annual Chinese Week and all involved had a great time celebrating Chinese culture and curriculum. Chinese Week provides a chance for the school community to collaborate in creating an authentic environment for students to apply their Chinese knowledge and language skills over five days of fun. While the displays and activities are loved by all, very importantly, Chinese Week also provides a unique learning atmosphere for students to enhance their understanding of Chinese culture and develop their intercultural competence – a critical skill as they learn to cooperate with others in an interconnected global community.

Over the course of the week, our Chinese department arranged numerous activities for the students to enjoy including Chinese painting, classroom decorations, a Kung Fu workshop, a Chinese-focused assembly, and a fun fair. Our dragon dance was as popular as ever and we welcomed back our most popular event of all having missed it last due to COVID: our shopping day.

To prepare for Chinese week, some students delved further into Chinese painting and explored modern Chinese painter Qi Bai Shi and his works covering objects of Chinese daily life objects which students used to create their own pieces of work that were displayed on level three.

Our class teachers and assistants were also involved in the celebrations and worked with students to create fantastic classroom decorations with some very thoughtful and highly skilled displays of various cultural items including dragons, fish, pandas and traditional Chinese theatre.

This year we were also lucky to host a Kung Fu workshop with the students having an opportunity to watch Kung Fu performances from the award-winning Master Shi Fu. Students were excited to learn Kung Fu etiquette and ten manoeuvres including ‘salute’, ‘horse steps’ and 360-degree turns. Students were also given the chance to handle artistic Kung Fu props and we are sure your child may have already taught you some of their new moves!

This year saw the return of our always popular shopping days on Tuesday and Thursday! Shopping during Chinese Week is the most anticipated event for many in the school and once again is provided with the perfect opportunity to practise Chinese in an authentic environment as the students talked with our volunteer parents who manned the stalls. Students were thrilled with their shopping experience with the panda hats being in much demand this year! We were very fortunate to have up to 40 Chinese parents this year to help with setting up and running the stores. It was heart-warming to see so many from the school community celebrate Chinese Week by participating in one of our most popular events.

But it was not only parents and teachers who managed the activities, our Year 6 students showed their enthusiasm in running our Chinese Fun Fair. It was fantastic to see Year 6 demonstrating their great leadership skills and knowledge of Chinese culture and language activities for the enjoyment of the other Primary year levels: the Chinese Fun Fair was a day in which the whole of primary could have fun together.

Another activity during the week was our Kahoot! The class competition which saw students and teachers across years one to six challenged their knowledge of iconic Hong Kong places. Congratulations to the 3 classes receiving the top scores for the following categories:

  • Early Childhood Year 1 and 2 – 2L
  • Middle Primary Year 3 and 4 – 3E
  • Upper Primary Year 5 and 6 – 6M

As has become tradition, we finished the week with the entire school community celebrating Chinese Week by wearing traditional, and Chinese-themed costumes together with another breathtaking lion dance. The Chinese Assembly was followed by a student-led with each year performing various Chinese cultural acts.  It was very nice to end on a ‘high note’ with everyone singing Teresa Tang’s classic “The Moon Represents My Heart” which marked the end not only of Chinese week but also of the semester.

The Chinese department would like to give a huge thank-you to all students, parents, and staff who participated in this year’s Chinese Week and for making it a wonderful success. We hope everyone had a fun and safe break and we look forward to seeing you next term.


Chinese Department