Year 6 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 6

Well, here we are more than halfway through Term 2. We have been working very hard in Year 6 to get our Peer Support Program up and running by Wednesday 1st June. We had a very successful Peer Support training session on Wednesday this week and the students have gained some valuable insights into the hard work required to run engaging sessions for their peers within the school. We hope to extend the students’ ability as leaders, role models and group moderators through this valuable program.


In English, we have been continuing our novel study of The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas, and the students have now completed the first 10 chapters. The students have been hard at work using their inferential and literal comprehension skills to gain meaning from the text. During the week, the students used their knowledge of persuasive techniques and structures to annotate a piece of persuasive writing. This will build up to writing a well planned persuasive piece of writing. The fun didn’t stop there, the students took part in a very engaging activity where they had the opportunity to eat bugs, that’s right bugs! This was a provocation for a persuasive piece of writing that we will complete in the coming weeks.


We have been hard at work completing the prior learning of our fractions, decimals and percentages unit. The students are now at the point in the unit where they are required to complete a hands-on practical application of the concepts taught. The unit ‘Educational Entrepreneur’ concludes with the students creating board games that are educational, creative and fun that include the concepts taught in the weeks prior to the task. Students are displaying not only their mathematical understanding but skills such as team work, creativity and problem solving.


Our Asian Neighbours unit of work is popular, and students have learnt skills to locate places with both an atlas and Google Earth. Currently we are working on a task where the students are required to construct a 3D map/globe. They have been learning about things like The Equator, The Tropic of Cancer, The Tropic of Capricorn, Prime Meridian and Hemispheres. The students will apply their research skills to find out more valuable information about the countries located in Asia. Some of the things they will be researching will include imports and exports, literacy rates, trading partners and natural resources.


Last week, we had the pleasure of being invited up into the Secondary science laboratories. Dr. Andrew Hill, the head of Science at AISHK, conducted two experiments that involved reversible change. This was interesting and exciting for the students and was a great opportunity to practice writing up science experiments in a formal manner. The students were required to state the purpose of the experiments, make a hypothesis, list the materials used, write the method, record the results and make a conclusion based on this information. This week we continue to focus on reversible changes and how they can be used in recycling.

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday 1st June Commencement of the Peer Support Program
  • Thursday 2nd June Pupil Free day
  • Friday 3rd June Public Holiday
  • Friday 10th June Year 6 Assembly (all Year 6 parents invited)

Mrs Stephanie Clarke (Head of Year 6), Ms Julie Richardson, Mr Nicholas Wood, Mr Christopher McCorkell