Year 5 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 6

We have had another busy couple of weeks since our last Year Five update.


During English students have planned, created and now published a narrative text with a fantasy link. Students now have an understanding of character development using dialogue and will begin linking our History unit research on Australia in the 1850’s to create a historical narrative.

How can you support this at home? Ask your child about how they might describe a person who was around in the 1850’s in Australia to be a character in their historical narrative.

In reading, students have had a focus of questioning before, during and after reading a text. We have been working on finding the answers to these questions using a range of reading strategies.

How can you support this at home? Read with your child at home and discuss some questions of the text read. Then decide what strategy they would use to find the answer.


Within Mathematics students have completed our focus on Number this Term with an assessment taking place this week with some fantastic improvements being made. We will now shift our focus to Shape and Probability when working within the Mathematics curriculum

How can you support this at home?  Talk with your child about what nets make different 3D shapes.


Students have been learning about how Australia has changed and been shaped since the arrival of the first fleet. We are focusing on the Gold Rush and how this impacted the population and demographics of various areas. For the next few weeks students will be investigating how the colonial settlement changed the environment of Australia, linking it with the struggles of early colonists and the impact that colonisation had on Indigenous Australians.

How can you support this at home? Ask why people flocked to Australia and what were the conditions like?

Enjoy the slideshow of some learning in action in Year Five.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Tobias Hogg (Head of Year 5), Ms Sam Illingworth, Mrs Greenie Chin, Mr Mark Wnek