Year 3 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 6

The weeks are flying by! With only four weeks left of Term, including camp and school photos, it will be a busy end to term. It has been nice to have a full five days this week to build on our learning in the classroom. Please read below to find out what we have been working on and what we will be doing next week. In Week 7, we are also having a schoolwide focus on showing appreciation and being grateful. We will be completing a few activities throughout the week so that we are familiar when recognising these concepts. It would be great if you are able to have similar conversations at home with your child to reinforce how important being grateful and showing appreciation is.


In English this week we have been looking at the various text features that can be found in informative texts. We have also been learning to take notes using short statements and bullet points and not sentences. A brief introduction to Book Creator software has made us excited to start creating our own informative text about an animal we are interested in. This project should kick off next week!

This week in Literacy we have been focusing on strong verbs and commas. We have considered how to turn common verbs, for example, walking, into strong verbs, like strolling. This is all to help with our vocabulary and writing. We have also looked at commas and how to use them in lists.

Bringing school to home: Ask your child what animal they are thinking of for their informative text. Perhaps together you can brainstorm some interesting sub-headings that can be researched over coming weeks at school.


This week in Mathematics, we have been exploring angles. We have been learning about right angles, angles that are smaller than a right angle (acute) and angles that are bigger than a right angle (obtuse). The students have used clock faces to measure the different angles the clock hands make, measured angles within the classroom and created some interesting art using their names to measure and record the angles found in the letters of their name. Please see your child’s Seesaw for this activity!

Bringing school to home: Look at different objects and shapes around your home and get the students to think about whether they make a right angle, obtuse or acute angle.


This week, students have finished off their final night and day annotated drawings that are available for you to look at and listen to on Seesaw. With much excitement, we have also begun our new Science unit, ‘Living Things’ this week. Students have started to separate objects into once living, living and non-living sections based on what they already know about living things. They have also ventured up to the green roof to search for a living thing in order to create a labelled scientific drawing. This has complimented our English unit nicely and will continue to do so over the next few weeks. These activities have been generating fantastic conversations throughout the Year 3 classrooms. Next week, students will begin to understand what makes a living thing alive by justifying that they can move, grow, breathe, reproduce and respond to their environment. Planet Zog has just appeared and is looking for new species of animals to begin living there. Year 3 will be asked to write applications for living things that fit the criteria!

Bringing learning home: Ask your child to find something living, once living or nonliving at home and justify why. Can they identify what living things might all have in common?

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

Ms Kate Elliott (Head of Year 3), Mrs Sarah Galvin, Mrs Jennifer Harbottle, Mrs Simone Maclay

3M watching Josh Pyke read ‘The Family Tree’ for National Simultaneous Story Time
3H having some fun with finding angles in the classroom
3H having some fun with finding angles in the classroom
3H having some fun with finding angles in the classroom