Reception Newsletter | Term 2 Week 6

We’ve had another great fortnight here on campus. Along with our learning and play in class, we’ve been able to join in with some events happening across our school. It’s great to see our students becoming confident not only in our class, but across our school campus. Read on for some highlights of our learning over the past fortnight.


We had a fabulous time joining the rest of our School in the Jacaranda and Wattle Mufti Day! There were great ‘Fun in the Sun’ mufti clothes and lots of fun. A big thank you to the Heads of Houses and House Captains who arranged fun activities for us to participate in on the field. It’s great to see our Reception students growing their sense of belonging here at school as they become more aware of and involved with our wider school community.

Our sense of belonging in class is also developing. Now that we have settled into our rhythms and routines, we are considering the ways that we can take responsibility for ourselves, our classroom and our things. One of the ways we support students to engage in this learning is through classroom leadership. Every day we have a line leader, someone who is responsible for our calendar and schedule, and an Inspector who makes sure that our tidying up is up to standard! These roles within our classroom help us to see ourselves as guardians of our people, places and things. As we continue to embed this learning, there will be further opportunities for our sense of responsibility and ownership to flourish.


Over the past fortnight we have been learning about our families and friends. We’ve discussed the ways that groups of people come together, the things they might like to do together and the ways that they talk and act towards one another. Considering our families is a great way for us to begin thinking about how people work and play together. We are practising working together in groups, focussing on listening to each other, sharing, taking turns and waiting patiently when needed. Expressing our ideas and knowing that we will be listened to is an important part of our current social development, as we are learning who we are and how to share that with others. We have settled into our rhythms around small group learning. These times are a great chance for us to practise both our social learning through structured experiences such as games, and our literacy and numeracy skills.

‘Through others we become ourselves’ – Lev Vygotsky


We are becoming competent storytellers, using familiar stories and props to retell stories and share them with others. We enjoyed reading There was an Old Lady and Mrs Honey’s Hat together as a class, using props to act out the stories as we read. We’ve then had both the storybook and props available in class for students to revisit and share with one another. It’s great to see our students using these resources to grow their confidence in both speaking and listening, recognising and using rhyming words, and focussing on the sequence of events in a story. These stories are also helping us to become confident mathematical storytellers as we are using and practising mathematical concepts when retelling these stories. Following a sequence/pattern, listening for the number of syllables in a word, and knowing that counting or grouping objects can tell a story are just some of the mathematical concepts we are communicating. Through our literacy small group times we’ve also been learning about alliteration, the letters /a/ and /f/, and how to stretch out and put together words with three sounds.

Spotlight on painting

Why do we ensure that painting is always available for our students? Painting is a great experience for development! It supports students to gain muscle control, hand eye coordination, and sensory knowledge. It is an invitation to explore concepts such as colour, shape, and pattern. Painting is a means of communication. Whether creating a real life situation, a feeling or an exploration, each mark is meaningful to students. Many dispositions that support effective learning are practised during painting, such as: cause and effect, persistence, and striving for accuracy, to name a few! The process is just as important as the outcome, if not more so. To start a conversation about a painting, it can be helpful to describe what we see before asking questions: “I can see one long red line and some orange dots. What can you tell me about your picture?” We know that painting is a vital part of our learning together. If we listen and observe with careful eyes and ears, we can learn so much about each student and the ways that they perceive their worlds!

“Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.” – Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

What next?

Our learning about ourselves and our place here at school will continue as we investigate our community here in Hong Kong, and the places that are significant to us. We will begin thinking about where we live and how we know where we live, and we are planning to continue practising our pencil grip/control and meaning making by writing letters home. We will be meeting some characters that can help us with our social and emotional learning as we continue to get to know one another and build our friendships.

At the end of term, as at the end of Term 1, we will have both AM and PM classes on campus and align our class timings with the Primary Division. We value this opportunity for students in both classes to get to know each other and begin building relationships that they will continue to develop through into Prep and beyond. This means both AM and PM students will attend 8:00am – 12:00 noon on Friday, 24 June. Further details and communication will be sent in due course.


  • for Week 7 only we will have Library on Wednesday
  • Appreciation Week 30 May – 1 June; mufti day on Wednesday, 1 June
  • as we are now in the wet season, should it be raining during AM dismissal or PM arrival, we will have students use the big blue doors to the left of the carpark

Ms Lauren Rosanowski