Primary Book Bonanza

We are always looking for new ways to encourage children to read a great variety of books, both in English and Chinese. Therefore, we are organising a Book Bonanza for Week 9 this term, which will help your child to expand their home library.

All children are encouraged to drop off books that they don’t wish to keep at home (English or Chinese) to donate for the Book Bonanza into the container outside the school security office from Monday 30 May to Friday 10 June. There is no limit on the books students can donate, but we do ask that the books are in good quality condition are appropriate for Primary aged students (including Reception).

During Week 9, your child will have the opportunity to choose a book with their homeroom class from the Book Bonanza.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Brown or Miss Cheng.

Maggie Cheng | Primary Chinese Teacher

Mel Brown | Primary Teacher Librarian