Appreciation Week

Next week is the SRC-led, AISHK Appreciation Week. The week is centered around our school’s motto of Connect, Strive and Flourish.

On Monday, we will be celebrating the connections we make between each other by giving all students the chance to send messages of appreciation to each other.The SRC will set up a booth on the 1st Floor for students in years 3-12 to write an appreciative message to their friends and peers. The messages will then be delivered to students individually throughout the week by the secondary SRC and prefects.On Tuesday, we are striving to appreciate those people that we don’t normally get a chance to see, especially those that work behind the scenes at AISHK including our cleaners, guards and other support staff. In Years P-2, over the two days, students will be working on a gratitude tree in class.

On Wednesday, our week will draw to a close with a celebration of individuality. A video will be produced that celebrates our appreciation of each other, as well as demonstrating gratitude towards our inspirations. We will also be using this day as a mufti day, where all students are welcome to dress in clothing representative of their inspirations. This could be an inspirational person or fictional character; for example, a superhero, a famous scientist, a member of the fire brigade or it could even be an inspirational friend or relative. The donation for coming in mufti on this day is $20 and proceeds will go towards the Crossroads Foundation.

At recess and lunchtimes, we will also be creating handprint boards that will unite the joining of hands across both primary, secondary and staff at AISHK through the representation of everyone’s handprint. We will seek to display these in various locations around the school.

We are very much looking forward to this week of connecting with each other, striving to further our appreciation and flourishing through celebration and inspiration.


Emily Busby (Yr 12 SRC Prefect), Oliver Lopez (Yr 12 SRC Prefect) | Secondary SRC