Year 4 Newsletter | Term 2 Week 2

It has been absolutely amazing to be back on campus and having time to be with the students. All of the teachers in Year 4 have been relishing each moment in class – although we have wondered where the Mute button has disappeared to. The children have settled quickly to the routines of face-to-face learning and been exceptionally supportive. It has been wonderful for the new students to AISHK to buddy up with a friend to help them become familiar with the surroundings.


On the teaching and learning front, we have begun Mathematics with a unit on Fractions. It has been fun to learn what the students already know and then build on this through some engaging activities. One of the enjoyable learning experiences was having the learners become Fraction Detectives. For this activity, students had to explore around the campus and find examples of fractions in our learning spaces. It was quite amazing to see what the children were able to discover. We had 1 out of 3 bins for recycling and 27 out of 30 lockers had name tags on them. Mr Home tried to convince his class that Sherlock Holmes was his great uncle but the obvious spelling difference foiled that story.


Our English focus for this term is about Fairy Tales and we started the unit by exploring the key and common features of these text types. Once upon a time, the children discovered many things that were similar in stories like Cinderella or The Three Little Pigs. We will also be connecting our reading and grammar teaching through this unit using some amazing mentor texts to deepen the children’s understanding. A mentor text allows the taught skill to be highlighted in published text and for students to make a stronger connection to the content. The end goal of this unit will be for the children to take all that they have learned and created their own fairy tale. It promises to be magical!


The Science unit also began this week with the children inquiring in the Earth Beneath our Feet. This promises to be a fantastic unit with lots of hands-on activities for the children as they dig (no pun intended) into how the Earth’s surface has changed and what is causing this change. It was evident from our first engagements that the children have some strong prior knowledge that we can build upon to help support each other in our learning.

Social and Emotional Learning

Being back on campus and meeting our learners for the first time has meant that we’ve spent some quality time ‘introducing’ ourselves through fun ‘get to know you’ activities and our Social and Emotional Learning program. The first lessons of our You Can Do It! program have centered on positive and negative personal qualities. The aim was to acknowledge that we have both within us and they make up who we are. It’s important that we understand ourselves and that having a negative quality does not define who we are. Instead, these are things that help us strive to develop as individuals. We will use the You Can Do It! program weekly to guide us through this important aspect of our learning.

Thank you for your support in helping Ms Ashton, Mrs Walsh, Miss Beechie and Mr Home settle the children so quickly back into school. All the work that was done at home during online learning and in preparation for the return has been so helpful.

All the best from the Year 4 Team.