[Head of School] Term 1 Week 2 Message

Thank you to all teachers and students for the successes of this week. Online learning is not easy, yet our students have been bright and cheery and very engaged in their lessons. The staff have also been full of praise for how great their students have been.

Following my correspondence of yesterday, the further announcement that the class suspension will continue until 21 February also gives us notice for continued planning around successful online routines.

The Year of the Tiger is upon us, the qualities of those born in a ‘Tiger Year’ are said to be “determined, confident, trustworthy, energetic, loving a challenge” and I’m sure there are more. These are valuable qualities that can also lead to success-oriented behaviours for each of us. Good to utilise as we approach our routines through the year.

I wish all families and staff a healthy and prosperous year ahead and much family goodwill and enjoyment during next week’s festive period.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Howard West | Head of School